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Old 10-10-2018, 11:47 AM
Blasia Blasia is offline
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 30
It can be caused by many problems. It can be stress, genetic problem, health issues. If you have hair loss in so young age it's better to visit a specialist. I also have hair loss and use special shampoo, creams, eat more fruits and vitamins. I read that hooded hair dryers make like massage effect for head and because they make warm air for all hair, it stimulates better growing. I searched online and found good reviews, you can read more. Also if someone can make you a head massage it also can help, even 10 minutes every day make you more relaxed.
Good luck!
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Old 10-10-2018, 04:35 PM
Altair Altair is offline
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This isn't enough to go by to say it's related to your practice.. and I don't have a solution concerning your hair problem, but what worries me is your focus on the 7th chakra and forsaking the rest. Why ignore the other chakras? Being ''spiritual'' doesn't mean you forsake the 'lower' chakras. You can focus on your 7th or 5th chakras (popular ones) but if you don't feel good in your skin you won't feel great..
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Old 10-10-2018, 06:27 PM
_dagmar_ _dagmar_ is offline
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 54
Originally Posted by thespiritual1
In the past 2 or 3 years, my hairs have reduced enough to reveal the head. The victim is the top of the head. There are plenty of hair above the forehead but at the top, it is a mess. My age is 21. The reason for this, I believe is a spirtual thing I did almost 4 years ago. I tried to awaken my crown chakra. I did not obtain proper knowledge about other chakras and just straight forward began to channel energy through it. I felt the energy gather in my head but I could not feel it rising upward. I forced the energy to rise beyond my head. I think I succeded to some extent, but a headache was formed that lasted for a whole year. I did not mess with that again. Now I am fine but the hair loss is exactly at the spot where I released the energy. At the top pf my head. I do not want to lose my hairs just yet. I seek a solution for my hair fall that would not only reduce the hair loss but also restore the lost hair. I can not afford expensive hair treatment so I am searching for alternative remedies.
Technically bold people haven't lost their hair. Their hairs just grow more slowly and thinner and have become so fragile that they break off easily. This makes them harder to see and makes us believe we've lost them.

Hair loss has a genetic factor but extreme stress or anxiety over a prolonged amount of time or trauma also can cause boldness.

Hairs on the scalpel respond to testosterone negatively, they will grow more slowly.
Hairs around the chin respond to testosterone positively, they will grow faster.
This genetic design is likely caused by female sexual preference for bold men or some other advantage or both that causes boldness to manifest itself strongly in the male population

Eastern medicine states that drinking urine and washing with urine can prevent hair loss ( not restore it ) and has many other beneficial effects.
This directly contradicts elder western beliefs that contact with urine is unhealthy in any case.
But this is only a half-truth. Drinking urine is deadly if used wrongly.
These days the west is slowly starting to accept what is known in the east for eons.
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Old 10-10-2018, 08:27 PM
Ankhesenamun Ankhesenamun is offline
Deactivated Account
Join Date: Jun 2018
Posts: 132
thespiritual1 - as someone who also suffers from alopecia, I would like to comment on this. I have studied alopecia (hair loss) and its many causes and so know a lot about it.

First of all, stress or anxiety does not cause hair loss! Extreme stress such as bereavement can temporarily make already existing hair loss worse, but it does NOT cause it. Contrary to the frequently encountered assumption that "you must have had stress or anxiety" - forget it, this does not cause alopecia.

From what you describe, it sounds like a hormonal issue. What you describe sounds like male pattern baldness, which is caused by excess testosterone, or high sensitivity to testosterone (specifically to DHT or dehydrotestosterone). Despite your very young age, this can happen, though it is more common in older men. The first thing to do would be to get a blood test done to establish the exact state of your hormones and especially your level of testosterone. And then see what the doctor advises.

The other thing I would recommend is that you have your thyroid checked as thyroid problems can also cause hair loss and these problems are common in Pakistan due to widespread iodine deficiency (I noticed your location showing as Pakistan).

Low levels of certain vitamins or protein can also cause alopecia and it would be advisable to have this checked, but from what you describe this sounds unlikely.

Without seeing the exact pattern of your hair loss it is however difficult to tell exactly what type of alopecia you have, so you would be best off consulting a doctor.

Awakening your crown chakra would not result in hair loss and especially not in the way you describe so this is unlikely.
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Old 10-10-2018, 09:27 PM
Native spirit Native spirit is offline
Super Moderator
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This is not caused by anything spiritual.stress can cause it taking certain medications, alopecia your best bet would be to go and see your doctor.it could be caused by a hereditary gene in your family.

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Old 20-10-2018, 10:31 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
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I dry fasted just a little over 3 years ago, for about 5 days, I do not remember the allotment of hours. Dry fasting is a fasting state without water, nor food counted in hours, and not days - however mine lasted, days. No showering, no use of cleaning with water on or in me (no brushing teeth)

It was super upsetting, and I knew than that I'd SEVERELY DEHYDRATED myself, and I was not able to rehydrate until this past Summer. For whatever reason I was blocked in doing so.

I went many lengths, to naturopaths, chinese medicine, tried contacting True North in the United States with main stream and naturopathic Doctors, even contacting Dry Fasting Doctors and Alternative Health Doctors. I even made a post here - in the healing section (sub forum)

I was met with a ton of back lash. I was super embarrassed, and did not think anyone would understand (they didn't) or those that thought they did, or could help, charged me $$$$$ & ironically I created more stress.

I figured the only way out, was the way that I took to get in, back with extreme alternative health doctors - which the one told me, due to laws, and what not, he couldn't help me. I also fell privy to other health ailments that followed, as the overall body dried up - mine is an EXTREME case.

People told me, and with the info I read online, that I had Alopecia Totalis, there was a very low recovery.

It continued growing, but falling off and on. In year one, it stopped and started - I would juice fast, I also noticed high amounts of vegetables helped at first - if you think about those two things - they're both high in liquid - (water) I didn't even make that connection than.

Year Two: Doctor involvement, I started getting bad itch/sting/pain on my scalp, eyebrows, and these area's started falling - balding actually. I was put on about $600/month of supplements, which in about 5 weeks, pain went away, eyebrows would grow back, as did the hair on the temples, and the hair stopped falling, but I wasn't able to sustain it as I couldn't afford them. I was off and on the supplements that year, and the supplements seemed to take longer and longer to be effective.

That year, my hair began to become excessively dry - no oils, moisturizing, deep conditioning, or anything natural, worked. No shampoos, just have a shower in water, made it drier. The hair on my body - legs, under arms, other - started to become patchy as well. It would grow back in patchy- sometimes it grew back in other places it had been balding. I also experienced eyelash loss, though it came back and never fell again with the first round of supplements.

That Summer, I started eating large quantities of cooked vegetables again over a longer period of time, and my other health issue reversed (one that I also believe was brought on by this severe dehydration) I knew than it was because of water, yet I still didn't make that connection for the hair loss. Crazy, I know.

Than my lips started to become so dry, they peeled daily quite badly. The hair started to just break off.

I know and realize your experience is quite different to mine, but I am placing it on here, to let you know, that you're not alone. I thought it was a spiritual internal external problem as well. I went to healers, psychics, ect ect

Finally, I got a sign from the heavens, and did what I knew I needed to, right in the nick of time, as my hair had started to molt again, it would just fall out in handfuls - people would tell me, hair naturally falls, well not like the extent that it did. I had full blood tests done, I had a full body ultra sound, and heart monitor - I don't know what is is called sorry.

I started drinking 7.5 liters of water every day for 3.5 weeks, finally this past Summer, is all I could take - the hair slowed, than stopped. That was about 3-4 months ago. It's never stopped this long. Sometimes it will shed, and all I must do is drink a couple liters of water over a couple of days, and it stops.

I again, can't seem to bring myself to drink a lot of water. I know I don't have time to drink excessive amounts again, but, I do know that my body will heal itself with enough daily water intake. It may take some time, because I let this happen over a three year period.

Alopecia is just that, hair loss. Though some have different types, and sometimes it is brought on by a (dis-ease) within, and those people may lose it in 2-3 weeks - to me that is the bodies immunity attacking itself. Mine, did not.

I just seemingly got drier and drier. Another weird thing that began happening, was a rash, almost a heat rash on the upper part of my nose on the bridge, towards the eye duct - became red, scaling, itchy - it healed with the water intake, as did the lips. I also tend to get a burning itch sensation still that comes and goes on the eyebrows - digestive enzymes & probiotics take it away, and regrow that hair and the water intake - I've taken whilst not taking those two supplements, and the redness disappears, as does the sting, with hair regrowth.

Alopecia through severe dehydration is unheard of, but it was my case. It does exist.

Alopecia through a spiritual cleansing, may also be unheard of, but it may be your case.

I am for the most part making this post, to say, I support you. I know where you are, I know and understand the pain, and that no one knows, or understands. The following may be of benefit to you or another.

I will try to gather the info that I tried to look into, and possibly it may help you in your own journey.

A massive amount of cooked vegetables, will keep the hair strong, and help to repair it. It will help grow the area's that are still there, faster. ( I realize that everyone is different, so this may or may not work for you) I know the hair shaft is dead past the first 1-2 mm of growth, but hair can repair. I have seen my own.

Drink water, drink more than you're willing if you have the time.

A friend of mine mentioned to me that exercise which is (circulation) a diet change, and he also felt that Raw Milk were helping him get his hair back over time.

As another posted, try to get some circulation going, not just atop of your head, get started with dry brushing, am and pm - can't hurt.

I am currently not able to get onto my instagram, but I connected with a gal there about a year ago, that has Alopecia, and recommended me a solution, in which a substance is injected under the scalp, that causes an allergic reaction, causing our immunity to redirect it's line of sight, if this is in fact your case. I'll post as soon as I can get access to it for you.

Ran into a gal I worked with that told me her Alopecia story, in which she had every single strand injected with a steroid formula (I know not my first option - but it is an option) very painful, took a few rounds to get all of the hair follicles. This was in her teens, and the hair stopped falling, and grew back - but for her, now, in her twenties, it only grows to a certain amount.

Have your iron checked. Your Ferritin. IF this is your case, and you shocked your system, and for whatever reason are low in these area's get them checked. Remember iron is hard to absorb in the body. If these area's are low, it is usually due to having other area's that are low. It can take iron and ferritin months to years to get back up, and even than, it will need to be maintained.

You can get iron supplements, or injections.

You can get a TSH test + T3 & T4

Might see a Trichologist for hair & scalp conditions.

If you can get to a Dermatologist, they will often start you on a path with a steroid cream (again not a path that I wanted ) but an option, if all else fails.

I picked this up in a forum during my research:
Rheumatologist on Hydroxychloroquine for joint pain, makes hair grow back.

Make sure your B12, (mixed B vitamins) especially Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin D, and Iodine are where they should be.

I don't believe dry or water fasting benefit me, but juice fasting has. I have reversed many ailments with it, and I have experienced many spiritual happenings I will call it.
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Old 20-10-2018, 10:32 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
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You might also try seeing a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist with Herbs. A TCM
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Old 20-10-2018, 10:38 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 389
  Green.Heals's Avatar
I should also mention that at first I thought eating a ton of animal protein was my only option, but it took about 5-6 weeks eating in excess to slow it, but it didn't last.

Juicing, and Vegetables lasted the longest, and drinking water was for me, my method.

People also thought thyroid, which it was not for me.

People also thought blood stagnation, or a release of toxins brought on too fast due to the dry fast itself - was NOT the case.

There are certain types of medicinal herbs, sprouts, and other foods that directly help hair issue's.
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Old 20-10-2018, 10:39 AM
Green.Heals Green.Heals is offline
Join Date: Aug 2015
Posts: 389
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Oh, and some people have said that micro needling can sometimes help.
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Old 31-10-2018, 02:52 PM
jenriggs jenriggs is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
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I agree with massaging your scalp every day. It actually opens up your scalp to open up for more hair follicles. Even if you think your scalp is super duper clean, you still have clogged hair follicles to, so those need to be massaged.
To keep hair strong, I have been using bamboo extract which is much stronger than horsetail and my hair has been growing faster. It has been working very well. I use this:


I had some time where I was losing tons of hair, and I am so sorry. It is very stressful. Once I stopped stressing so much about, it actually stopped.
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