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Old 13-05-2016, 07:47 AM
Wyaunagh Wyaunagh is offline
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Originally Posted by SaintMatthew
I just started to believe in fairies on April 28th 2016.

I explain the basis here:


Hust wanted to make something clear so as to not contradict Christian theology....

I'm just saying that people have often seen the creatures of the unknown world, the Unseen World that God speaks of, and they have seen Angels and Demons, yet did not know about God, so gave them those names. " leprechauns , gnomes, fairies"

Um I mean no offense Saint Matthew, but did you know that Faerie do often have their own Gods? Their Mother, Danu is the one many credit with giving birth to our peoples. And when i say 'giving birth' it is in every meaning of the phrase. The Faerie were not made to appear at the snap of the fingers. They were brought into being through love, and passion, blood, and pain. She is also one i personally am devoted to.

However you are not wrong. The universe is a big place, and in my experience the line between Faerie and Angel is very blurry, and is becoming less defined all the time. I am glad you are able to bring the two together if that works for you.
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Old 09-07-2016, 12:07 AM
Star Aura Star Aura is offline
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I personally believe Faeries aren't in the 3 Dimensional world they are in their own realm and it's real ive heard stories of people visiting these realms in astral form which I would love to do one day but astral projection freaks me out a lot D:
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Old 11-07-2016, 11:26 AM
Grumblingmonk Grumblingmonk is offline
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Angel1 Fairies..a very true tale

Let me tell you a very short tale ..this is true. Not so many years ago I lived in the Isle of Man. I was part of a small group of people who would come together every week in a meditation and occasionally a development circle at one of the groups homes.In our group we had 7 sitters and one who recorded .
One evening we got on to the subject of fairies! This was after our proceedings and while having our usual cup of tea before departing. One of our group was an old chap I will call him Tom ( not his real name) he was in his 80s and he was extremely mediumistic although he only ever did this when he was up to “spec” .
He was born in the Isle of Man and was Manx through and through . he chirped up during this conversation with “ well you know that the fairy Bridge is not the original one ! the fairy glen was nearby but in my childhood the place it is now was not the real place ! I said” well what does it matter” he replied “ because there isn’t any fairies there .I was intrigued , he went on to tell me about how he went to the glen as a young lad with a box brownie camera and took photos! I left it at that until the following weeks sitting produced an old photo ………the trees were full of little people…….they were in the air and on the ground !! this was an old box brownie photo …no photoshop or digital wizardry . I was to say the least gobsmacked and amazed .
He loaned me the photo as I was eager to show it to a few friends, and he put the negative in an envelope .Some weeks later he casually asked me for the photo back which I returned to my shame without the negative .
Tom has long since passed over, I no longer live in the Isle of Man .
My granddaughter now has a world of fairies ….a garden of fairies (she is 6 yrs old) and a bedroom full of them.
I know what you are thinking………..do I still have the negative? Perhaps!
You decide.
lets just say if I did! these days nothing would be taken seriously and I really am not up for that at all.
but I will say this ...Fairies are out there ..you would be blessed if you saw them ....I hav'nt only the photo!
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Old 11-07-2016, 10:44 PM
SageJade7 SageJade7 is offline
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I cannot quote clover yet.. But
I completely resonate with this! If some are unaware they control their reality then they must be willing to travel the path less followed And do find Experience for themselves because you and you are in control of your Reality ;
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Old 12-07-2016, 12:02 AM
straygod straygod is offline
Join Date: Jun 2016
Posts: 43
I've had a lot of experience with fae reality/realities or what I've perceived to be realities. My initial encounter with anything possibly related to the fae was when at 19 I was forced to leave my accommodation in the north west of England, and I left without telling anyone where I was going. I didn't know where to go, just ended up in the train station and saw the furthest place away on the map, which was Penzance in Cornwall. There are a number of sacred sites around Penzance, including a stone circle and an ancient celtic chapel. I was in the area after the tourist season, in September, so when I went to find this chapel, I was completely isolated in the corner of the Cornish moors, following a winding path deep into woodland, where I heard clearly what sounded like children laughing. I spent twenty minutes looking around for anyone nearby and I can unequivocally declare there were no other humans nearby. The location was isolated miles from the nearest village, which was accessible only by a tiny bus that had dropped me off in the middle of nowhere.

The information I have received since then is so completely disconnected from the mainstream idea of what constitutes a faery I've had to really question what I've been seeing. I'm hesitant to describe it in any length because I feel a bit stupid about it and it could just be my imagination going in overdrive or something like that. I've not really been sure what to make of it like whether it's a different reality running parallel to a more pure faery dimension since a lot of people report lights and pretty creatures where my experience of it has been a lot closer to human reality with laws and political structures that reflect a kind of symmetry with our own world and not in a positive fashion. I am open to the possibility I'm viewing an alternate universe that has faery parallels.

I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who has had any similar kind of experiences or information, or if this reflects anything similar that anyone could shed light on, but perhaps not fae? I've always felt really stupid talking about faery stuff because it sounds ridiculous saying it out loud, so I don't mind discussing it but I'd prefer to do it over PM.
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Old 21-08-2016, 09:50 AM
Supernovaseed Supernovaseed is offline
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I came across a visualization on a website to see a fairie and to get a gift from one. I thought why not? I saw a rather 2D looking face that looked like one of the guys on the rice krispies box with a 2D trumpet underneath. But I didn't dismiss it at all. That night I got a dream of my deceased grandpa (who played trumpet) telling me to visit my grandma. I am rather sorry to say I didn't do it, and she just transitioned without my seeing her in a while and I live a few minutes away.... Anyway the next day, I put my hands out and imagined what fae shoes would look like and kept imagining my way up but the fae cartwheeled off my hands before I could see over his chest. Immediately two more appeared. Then an angel. I find angels show up looking just how you would expect them to so you don't mistake that they are indeed angels. That is why people see them differently. Mine was about 4 stories tall lol. Well that is how i imagined they'd look. First thing I asked him his name and he said Raphael. I never heard much about angels before, so I never heard of him, but I immediately asked him the heal be as I am disabled. He said it would be over time. I asked him if I could be healed in 3 years and he laughed, but i just felt good. (I want to go to college in a few years is why I asked.)

Then the fae kept showing up almost everyday. I read to give them butter or cream and so I left them butter. The one said to me next time whipped cream please. Lol so i bought some whipped cream. But i don't know what to do with it after it has sat for a while. What do you do with fae offereing?

After i gave them the whipped cream they were showing up in droves. The one fae gave me an invisible ring to protect me. It has a large round flat stone that looks like lapis and a gold band. Later, he and another fae gave me each a power animal. I actually saw a black flash in the middle of my living room and heard a crow caw with my ears. A physical manifestation! But after I got my spirit guide, more guides and more power animals i got so busy, i haven't made time to invite the fae and they just stopped coming around.

I just met two tree spirits in my yard and the one was keen on dancing with me, but i said i was too tired. The next day he came back and asked again and i danced for a few minutes, but not actually with the fae. Dancing took my concentration and i forgot about the fae, so i need to apologise. :(

I just read a book called healing with the faeries and it is actually about going to their realm and becoming a faerie shaman and healing them and calming them after a fight and things like that. It sounded interesting like something to keep in mind for the future. And they help you heal people too with herbs but you need to know about herbs which i don't yet. But i just found a class, now i just need to learn how to drive as my doctor says i can again now!

I feel it is too much responsibility to heal the fae right now, but i was glad to own the kindle book for in the future.

Sammy aka SupernovaSeed
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Old 22-08-2016, 05:48 PM
keokutah keokutah is offline
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Originally Posted by Holly
Haha! I couldn't agree more, Clover. In my experience that's EXACTLY how this works.

I'm trying to not sound conceited, but....experience.

I'm a fantasy writer, VinceField ;) I know the difference between fantasy and reality, probably better than most! I've had quite a few years of experience with psychic affairs and perceiving psychically is NOTHING like imagining plots, characters and worlds.

Imagination feels very different. When you imagine, it's just your own energy in there. Your creation is not that far off dead, in that it can't grow without your help and if you remove your energy from it, it fades away. The psychic worlds, on the other hand, are full of energy. Not just the sort from inspiration - MORE energy than my wee brain can take!

Psychic information can flow in consistently, over the course of hours, in such a way and at such an intensity that if I tried to do the same thing with my imagination, I'd be exhausted. I have tried. It's not possible for me.

Imagination actually takes effort. At least, it takes effort when you want to write publishable stories. It takes HOURS to build a complex character like..for example...my guide. Azrael. To create a character like him, of such complexity, you'd be looking at months of work, then a constant, conscious effort to keep him in character and to keep his motivation and behaviour consistent. That's hard work! Writing ain't for lazy ppl (or people who like sleep!) ;)

ANY fictional character evolves along with the plot. A plot is a series of linked events, one event building on the last. All characters evolve as they react to events and choose new events for themselves (in fact if they don't...you're probably doing it wrong LOL!) Fantasy characters grow like real people.

My guide, like all the lights beings I channel, never change at all. Not in years, no matter what you throw at them. They're solid, and far more loving and insightful than anything my well practised writers brain can come up with.

Put it this way; when I write, I put down on paper what I already know. When I channel, I learn all the things I DON'T know.

As for the experience itself, it's hard to describe. It's like sitting in a virtual cafe, on another planet, while still in this body. I can feel two worlds at once, one psychic and one physical. The faerie, or angel, or light being just talks as I would to a human being, and the words, sights, sounds etc...all flow in as though I'm dreaming while awake. No effort, no struggle, no moments of being stuck, waiting for inspiration. I rarely get tired. I can channel away all night and still be energised at 4am. You try that with writing and you wake up feeling hung over, LOL!

You'd have to feel it for yourself. It's impossible to convince someone who doesn't feel the same thing that your experience is "real."

I am not too certain about this. I used to think it was very easy to tell the difference between the imagined and what is real. THat's true when your at a time in your life when you couldn't possibly imagine the things you're seeing and hearing.

But after you've spent so many years being told the most incredulous things from spirit guides, ET's and other interdimensional beings, and seeing the most amazing things, there really is nothing that you can't imagine after that.
Once you become very familiar with someone, it is so easy to imagine them.
So then, the more familiar you do become with your guides, the easier it is to make mistakes and just assume everything you see and hear is real, when in fact, you have just become accustom to guessing how they might respond.

For beginners, it's so easy to be open minded. Because they are curious and eager to learn, so they often hear things right. Curious people are eager to listen, so they are really good listeners.
But when youre advanced and confident, you think you know it all, so you don't always hear things right, you don't really care about the answer because you think you already know.

You can easily prove to yourself if you're hearing things right or not, by something as simple as holding a card up to your spirit guides, angels or fairies, and asking them what it is (don't look at it) and if they are right, then you are hearing them right, but if they are not right, you are not hearing them right. The reason you won't hear them right is most likely because you don't care about the answer and your imagination does sweep you away.

Of course the other possibility of not hearing them right, may be some pestering trickster entity that might be deliberately trying to interfere with hearing the answer.

But anyway... I think the better your imagination is, the more humble you have to be. If you have a good imagination, like writers often do, it's maybe good to question the information you receive sometimes.
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Old 22-08-2016, 07:59 PM
Berry Berry is offline
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My son saw fairies as a toddler and more so after his bout with pneumonia in 2009. They were the Tinker Bell types. They hovered in plants and all over the house. He didn't like them because their voices were too soft and squeaky and they looked "girly." But he admired them when they rode on insects like dragonflies, or the snowflakes. Once 2 dragonflies stayed near me in the garage for at least 10 minutes. One of my kids said the fairies were riding them.

My daughter had or maybe still has multiple Tinker Bell type fairy friends or guides. They played and talked to her all the time and even followed her to school. I really didn't believe her because she had over 30 and she gave each individual names. She even drew pictures of them. There were tree, air, water, land, flower, and vine types. I'll never forget the time her fairy friend sang for me. Her voice was ethereal- clear, deep, and rich. I could not see her but I heard her beautiful voice! She used to see them in physical forms and now it's more of the orb form. My son is the same. The older my kids become, the less they see of these beautiful beings.

There are different types of fae. Not all types are friendly and helpful. My husband was bitten by a brownie in our bedroom in the middle of the night. It left 2 bite marks on his ankle. We had gotten into a fight the previous day. He said he saw a gargoyle like creature bite him and vanish into thin air. Another time, a heavy short, heavy creature charged into my bathroom and charged back out and disappeared. A friend thought it was an elf. Lastly, I remember seeing a large cat creature in my kitchen when we first moved into the house. It was 3 foot tall and 4 feet in length. It looked straight at me and just disappeared. I've seen other small spiritual creatures in the house that may be sprites.

My daughter used to say hi to the "Guardians" each time we passed by a cemetery near our home. Guardians are a special type of fairy that watches over people and the spirits in the cemetery according to my daughter. She invited one to go to our home but was declined because they are never allowed to leave the cemetery premises. They were born to serve the cemeteries until they are relieved from duty.

I asked my daughter where do the fairies come from and she said they have temporary homes in our world. They also have a home back in their dimension. They can go between worlds at will. Some enjoy our foods very much and some won't even touch it. I remember I left some chocolate for a vine plant fairy and he said that chocolate is bad, LOL. There's so much that we don't know about the existence of these energy beings. One has to have experiences to believe.
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Old 25-08-2016, 04:01 PM
LionRising LionRising is offline
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I could be schizophrenic (I don't think so, though...) but I firmly believe in the Fae and I believe I have seen them. It has been quite some time, as I saw them as a child, but I do believe they are more likely to appear to children, in general. I don't think of them as malicious or mischievous as others do, though. In my life, they have been gentle, guiding spirits. I could be delusional, sure, but it doesn't change the fact that I have had experiences involving the Fae which have positively affected my life. I don't think it's important to have proof, to know for a fact whether or not they are real. Just like angels and God and all the other deities people worship/believe in, if your belief does no harm to others and it's helpful to you, does it really matter what's real and what's just a fantasy?

That being said, in my personal opinion, I believe they are factually real. I still feel their presence when I go deep into the forest and meditate, and I actually think I might have been a fairy in a previous life. I feel such a deep kinship with them. I was even told by two different psychics that I had been a fairy in a past life and that they were still keeping tabs on me, in this life.
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Old 26-08-2016, 10:10 AM
fayette fayette is offline
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I definitely don't disbelieve in the existence of Faeries, there is more spiritual beings sharing our universe then our minds can comprehend
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