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Old 12-11-2016, 03:07 PM
davidsun davidsun is offline
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Originally Posted by metal68
But biggest of all, what does this mean for the survival hypothesis?? If we die then pass into the afterlife, then what about the other versions of us? Do they go to their own separarate afterlife/astral place??

Anyone got a view on this??
I have often wondered about this as well. In the view presented by Seth in the channeled book, Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts, every psychospiritual constellation keeps on going (expressively fractally unfolding) in the context of an all-inclusive 'eternal' NOW (after physical 'death' as well). The subtitle of the book is "The Eternal Validity of the Soul." One the other hand, I also think I remember reading in one of his many books that when a 'probable' (alternate?, bifurcated?, parallel?) self 'dies' the 'energy' of that self re-merges which any still living probable self from which it bifurcated. Trying to put it all together is totally mind-boggling to say the least.

What's more, Seth also says that 'consciousness' is completely mobile in the sense that, if and as it is adeptly 'focused', it can go (it perceive 'from') anywhere and ensconce itself 'in' anything (perceive as said thing-being perceives). OOBE and other yogic accounts provide evidentiary support for this.

Here's what I have put together on such bases as my 'best' hypothesis so far: There is really only One Super-Soul. This Mega-Soul is THE creative source/power which gives 'birth' to (i.e. 'creates') all parallel universes which explosively, as it were, spring forth, each giving birth to other such expressive and experiencing beings ad infinitum. not unlike a tree branching and leaving.

You might say each such experiencing expression of Life (God?) has a 'soul' (which some might regard as just being a 'subsoul' of the BIGGEST soul-cheese block. ). Each said (sub)soul is 'naturally' focused on and so 'normally' just 'conscious' of everything in its (sub)domain. In the dream or out-of-body state, however, its consciousness may/can 'trip' into any of the other soul's expressional/experiential 'domain', however. There are no real (completely rigid?) 'limits' to one's 'i'dentity therefore, only the ones that each soul chooses to abide, i.e. live., within in the first place -- the desire to experience and expressively explore said choice being the 'force' or 'power' which gave rise to its being uniquely 'itself' as a (sub)soul in the first place.

In terms of what's may be seen as a kind of 'waking up' from one's personal (sub)soul reality/dream, which may be regarded as a kind of 'enlightenment' experience, the (sub)soul 'sees' the (mega)soul-reality I have just described and so chooses to begin to consciously experience and express itself (i.e. to 'live') as a subsoul branch-extension of the supersoul seed->tree of (all) Life from that point on. Those who do not 'awaken' so just continue to experience and expressively web-spin out their life 'acts' as though they were separate entities, in more or less completely 'self'ish mode as it were. Theoretically this could be 'eternally', but then there's also the notion that what we experience as 'time' has an 'ending', at which point who knows what will happen either to those who have started to live 'in communion' with THE BIG CHEESE or to those who haven't? The view projected in the Book of Revelation in the Bible is that the consciousness of latter will go just go 'poof' at that point. According to Seth, however, at least the way I read the following passage from Seth Speak, everyone's consciousness eventually comes 'home' because no one could be or ever was 'separate', i.e. 'out of IT', except in 'illusion' in the first place. It all depends on what how think the word "must" in the following passage (from Seth Speaks mean:

"Entities or souls, in other words, send out portions of themselves to open up avenues of reality that would not exist otherwise. The three-dimensional selves, in existing within these realities, must focus their attention there completely. An inner awareness gives them a source of energy and strength. They must, however, come to understand their roles as actors, "finally" from their roles, and through another act of comprehension, return to the entity."

Though the 'proof of the pudding' is in how one lives, not just 'thinks', I do enjoy this kind of metaphysical play as a kind of gloriously enjoyable vacation (from the 'real' business of living, that is). I hope this sharing brings joy to others as well.
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Old 12-11-2016, 05:01 PM
AraceliCianna AraceliCianna is offline
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The unanswerable question... if everything is One this question pretty much is invalidated anyway.

I have dissociative identity disorder and so I know what it's like first hand to live with different, shall we call them, aspects of consciousness, with have different identities, and memories, and beliefs, and such. It isn't too far out to think I have a 'higher self' too, which is part of the All, which also has its own soul extensions as parallel lives, ect... extending outwards in what could be called our great multidimensional being.

But you go out far enough, and you encompass the entire universe... question is, can one single person be entirely aware of every egoic identity all at once? Or is that reserved for the illusive God/Creator/Source?
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Old 12-11-2016, 07:01 PM
mogenblue mogenblue is offline
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Originally Posted by Estelwen
question is, can one single person be entirely aware of every egoic identity all at once? Or is that reserved for the illusive God/Creator/Source?

I have learned that Jesus had reached the All and reunited consciously with God before He returned to this planet to bring His message of Love.

I believe that once you have returned consciously to God you are able, as Jesus, to be aware of every egoic identity at once.

But that is still far ahead of our natural evolution. That kind of consciousness is not supposed to be reached here on this planet.
You need to develop way more unity in thinking and feeling. And still keep your calm in all circumstances. Don't lose yourself in any way.

improve, improve, improve. This planet is just another hub/station that God created for you to come over.
Or something along those lines.
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Old 12-11-2016, 08:48 PM
davidsun davidsun is offline
Join Date: Oct 2016
Location: Arizona, U.S.A
Posts: 1,575
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Originally Posted by mogenblue
Or something along those lines.
Yes, indeedy - LOL!

According to info-sources like Seth, the 'inner' self (which is 'in' 'you' and 'in' 'me' along the lines of "I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.") knows or theoretically at least can know every aspect of All That Is and said 'inner' self's knowledge is something which our 'outer' selves can access, but only in bits and pieces I think (think of computer code 'bits' in relation to this).

My 'sense' is that each of us is a 'node' of consciousness, like a mini computer-processor, which is 'hooked-up' in a 'web' of parallels and serieses , with all of the other 'nodes' of consciousness in All That is (which hooked-up-edness is referenced as "Indra's net" in ancient Vedic mythology; see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra%27s_net)

As such, it is possible for one to 'consciously' know and process thoughts about whatever one 'consciously' link-trains (focuses) one's attention on knowing, but such 'informational' knowing/processing is necessarily a one-thing-at-a-time kind of phenomenon.

A web (as differentiated from a node) of 'consciousness' can 'know' and 'process' more information 'at once' so to speak. 'God', in this metaphor, would be the Mother/Father/Web of all Webs! LOL

My 'computation' is that Jesus wasn't necessarily 'conscious' of everything going on within and between everyone and everything at once, but more like you and me, maybe with a much faster, less glich-prone 'processor' with a truly 'super' program, compared to yours and mine at least, running in his case. But this 'computation' may just be the output stemming from a 'limited' imagination on my part. Maybe Indra's Web was indeed fully embedded in his consciousness.

Whatever the case, I do believe that we each/all feel and so unconsciousnessly sense/know every 'vibration' in the entire panoply of Life, just as every 'point' on a violin string or drumhead 'experiences' every 'vibratory' frequency as it runs up and down said string or all over said drumhead.

But that doesn't mean that every such vibration is or can be consciously 'known' as a distinct part of Life's 'total' vibratory pattern simultaneously. We can only process such info in bits and pieces as we trains our focus on each such bit and piece in turn as I said. Or something along those lines. LOL
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