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Old 10-08-2018, 03:34 AM
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Flying to another country, work exhibition dream

I dreamt I was with Matt. His mum and stepdad were on holiday all inclusive at a really lovely place. They were getting us trainers there. Jason, Matts stepdad text me when we was at home saying that he couldn't get the trainers for me. I asked why and he couldn't say why just that they couldn't. We decided to fly out there to sort it out as they had my trainers to compare sizes. When we got there they told us how they had to fly through Poland and that it was scary and peculiar. A man had referred to them as children, he said 'cummon children'. We was listening to them and then Lady our dog was with us, we was talking about how we was surprised she handled the flight well and it didn't cause any problems, she peed and pooped on the floor by Jason's bed. He said oh no has she done it on the drip needle. He had it on the floor by the bed as he was unwell and her wee went on it so I was cleaning it up with tissue and offered to put his drip needle in the sink as he said he'd need to wash it in the bathroom now. As I was cleaning up the bed next to them was their friend Paul and his wife and children. Matt started the first part of the Bare Necessities song and the little girl carried on and they all were singing. I was looking up at Matt wondering if he wanted to be with me and if he liked Pauls wife as he was paying them a lot of attention and looking at her. Then my friend Millie was there, we was in the circle of beds, I noticed it was open and there was a balcony above the beds that went all the way around and the general public were there so there was no privacy. Then a dance was about to start and an old school friend Chloe was there. I told Millie I could see her and other school friends so we started dancing together to not look so conspicuous but it wasn't really working so we stopped and walked somewhere. Then later me and Matt went home. I was walking across a field, I remembered I forgot to put Jason's drip needle in the sink so I text him to tell him, he said thank you and he will do it. When I was walking in a park there were some boys that seemed scary and threatening at first but I realised they were school kids, three of them, and thunder and lightning started, I told them they better get home before it zaps them messing around and they looked scared so I said I was only joking but they should still be inside. When I was walking home out of the park that was lined with an iron fence, I got home but it changed to my work. Matt was inside and I heard inside me that he doesn't want to be with me and he likes someone else. I went upstairs and there was a box of my stuff mixed with personal items, work stuff and old school shirts. I spoke to Matt and said hi but he was being off with me like I embarrassed him. I was wearing my pajama top and couldn't go inside wearing that. I was flapping around a bit and hiding as I didn't have a formal top on. I looked through into my office and saw there were some pretty and older smartly dressed women. I said I was going to go home then and he agreed I should and didn't want to talk to me he was being quiet vicious. When I went downstairs I realised I didn't have keys as when we went to his mums holiday, I left my bag at home. So I went to go back up to get the keys from Matt but I grabbed my box of things to change into the school shirt as other people there from my school, Rachel being one person, was wearing that. So that was my plan to get inside as I had my pink pajama top on. Matt wasn't outside the office anymore so I got my box and went back downstairs. There was a giant creature similar to a dog but like it was a giant monster of something. It was growling at me while I walked down the stairs. I was saying ok ok and trying to calm it. When I got downstairs I asked a security guy about the function going on at my work. I said I know it's an exhibition but what is the specific purpose of the event, I was being sweet as though I was interested and not just wanting to be inside because of Matt. He said that it's for security for the new art pieces we may be hosting and looked at me like he knew what I was up to. I said oh yes if the walls are strong enough and that and he just looked at me. So I was changing tops and was thinking about things I could discuss like the doors being replaced with stronger secure ones and installing a security system to convince them to choose us as hosts for the art. When I went back upstairs there was a bin with everyone's signed school shirts and I didn't understand why they would throw them away as I cherish my one. I woke up as I walked into the office.

Another dream I had, There was a part where I went into another room. I was looking for a sex toy as I was feeling frustrated sexually, I found a box that was my mums, and I felt like it was full of secrets and answers to things, it had all different documents in it and her sex toy. I found mine and wrapped it in a towel to take it back to my room without being seen, I put it down for a moment. I sat down and was looking through the box, there was a car bill for a VW car that was outstanding. And a leaflet about colonic irrigation lol I think it was anyway a woman had a tube coming from her bum and a man helping her. I took my stuff back into my room but realised I took my mums toy so went back and swapped them and took mine. Then I was woken up so I didn't get to see what else was in the box when I was going back to see.

Another dream I had after falling back to sleep...
I dreamt I was staying with a woman and her son in her house. I was younger and seemed different to what I am now. I was getting ready and making the bed, a man went past and was smiling at me, I said I'm not very good at doing this stuff and he just walked off laughing fondly. At the start of the dream he looked Hispanic, but later he was black. There were other people there one guy from my old school called Josh. I was curious about the man before so I went looking for him. Later I was walking through a park with friends and I saw him sitting on the bench smoking with his friends. I realised it was him when I walked past so I went back around the back of a shelter he was sitting in front of to go up to him and my friends said do I think I'm cool enough to hang out with him and his friends so I didn't go over. Then I saw his friends winding him up about liking me and him telling them to be quiet as he doesn't know where I could be. Later I was back at the house. I was looking out the window and I could see him sitting in a car outside the lady's home, he was looking at porn on his phone and I was watching what he was looking at. I went downstairs and asked the woman if I could go out for a while, she said yes but I have to be back by 8:30pm. She gave me the keys so I could get back in. I was wearing a dress and no shoes. I walked down the road and smiled at a lady in her car, I realised I walked past him so I went back and looked in his window smiling eagerly. He said hey what do you want and was smiling at me. His friend was in the car so the man got out and we walked through the park together. We was holding hands and talking. I said I wish I wore my shoes now as I didn't think we'd be going for a walk and that I must look like a numpty but I didn't care. We was walking together laughing and joking. He said he loves me so much for who I am and I felt really happy and warm about this. Then i woke up.
God is Love, Love is all

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Old 10-08-2018, 05:48 PM
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I suspect the first dream relates to your sorting out the upset you had with Matt. Jason means heal so you are trying to find health but may fall prey to feeling like you don't measure up (trainer size comparison) so you feel insignificant (Paul means small). You are using your strength and determination to heal (Millie) to get to the most important issues (bare necessities) of why you attract people who dismiss your feelings (Chloe). The reason you may not confront when people dismiss you is possibly because you fear theirs or your own wrath, lightening and thunder. Anger in general, from others or ourselves can feel threatening because we or they can lose control. So we try to sneak around it instead of confronting the issues that bother us. You are starting to see people's barks aren't as life threatening as you may have once perceived but they are still a threat to protect yourself from. Ultimately it may be because you fear rejection or being unloved (worry that Matt wants to be with another). Often people will compromise themselves in order to feel loved and accepted. When what we really need is to love and accept ourselves. Then nothing anyone says or does can make us feel unloved or abandoned. Ultimately you shut down or put up a strong front to try and protect your priceless side (precious art). You won't need to put up walls of protection if you know you are priceless and worthy in the first place. That belief is easily shaken so you put up walls but if you start to define yourself how God defines you, you won't define yourself by human standards which is usually rated on some false arbitrary scale that puts us in self image damaging win/lose, worthy/unworthy columns.

I suspect the second dream is simply a desire by you to find relief from feeling bad. You may have old ways of doing it learned by your parents that have cost you but you are learning to do it your way. You may want to fall into old habits but can shift out and take care of you on your terms.

I think the third dream is the key, start to love yourself for who you are bad you will find unshakable happiness and peace. You are not familiar with this kind of behavior (guy being dark). But you are on your way to connecting with that understanding. It does entail accepting your humanity, the good and the bad, and understanding we are priceless despite any faults or failings. This is your salvation, all our salvation a really. You are getting there.
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