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Old 23-09-2006, 01:31 AM
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hi everyone

i don't know if this is the right section to post in but i don't know what to put it under as i'm still baffled.

about a year and a half ago i awoke one night to find my partner's feet by my head. he had just woken up and was panicking. i soothed him back to sleep after he turned around and i thought nothing of it. maybe he had been sleep walking...but he had been tucked in tidily. there was no bunching of the duvet as if he'd twisted in his sleep. i felt peaceful and unworried.

the next night i woke up and saw his feet by my head again and started laughing at him, thinking he'd done it again! but then i felt disorientated and noticed the room looked different. i was tucked in tidily and lying straight like my BF had been the night before. but it was me that had my head at the wrong end of the bed this time. then we both felt weird!

a few nights before this i had woken up to see a blue light coming from the lounge. i just presumed my BF was downloading something and it was the light of the computer so i went back to sleep no worries. i felt the need to ask him when we woke up the next morning if he had the computer on but he said no. there was no computer on that night.

it was a one bedroom flat but neither of us liked being in that bedrom much. mostly because it didn't get enough sun and was damp. the bathroom was behind our bed on the other side of the wall so maybe water had something to do with this odd disturbance...but it didn't happen again after those two nights. i'm very open minded to all reasons.

any thoughts?

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Old 23-09-2006, 03:10 AM
Mother Goose Mother Goose is offline
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wow, rose, you never told me about that! Sorry...I don't have any explanation...I'm looking forward to seeing what others will have to say about this though!

JOY is the evidence of internal growth ~ Marie Montessori
Old 23-09-2006, 05:25 AM
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Greeting Rose and the strange aspect that one needs to considered here is if your partner was in obe you hank his feet he might have had to rush back to physical common side effects slight paralyzed feeling !

Old 23-09-2006, 10:15 PM
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Rose - - do some quick Google searches on lucid dreaming - - then just begin to put into practice what you are already experiencing. Or OBE's - - if you wish to look at it this way.
Old 24-09-2006, 10:49 PM
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thanks for that everyone. glorymist...i'll check it out :) MG...i can't believe i never told you!
Old 26-09-2006, 01:32 AM
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Question The Friends in the Blue Light


Huummm this could be a few different things no doubt, but I am very familiar with the "blue light" you mentioned. I too have been wide awake and seen the most brilliant and pure blue light filling up the hallway outside my bedroom. Also have seen this same blue light pour in only one half of my bedroom window from the outside which lit up my whole room, but didn't come in through the other half of the window!?! I've also seen this light manifest inside the house, usually but not always, followed by my inability to remain awake or conscious for long no matter how hard I tried.

Now I'm not fond of the thought that I may have been "physically abducted" and I know that that's NOT what happened or happens. I've learned over the decades that when many higher dimensional beings come close to our physical bodies, it's just too much for us energy wise and we can't remain in body or awake/conscious. Actually this is a huge clue, that if you suddenly can't remain awake and in body......you've got invisible company! We leave our physical bodies to communicate with them because it's easier with less trauma to us. We may not be able to remember all of this after we return to our bodies and wake up, but the meeting and whatever was discussed is with us at slightly deeper levels. Sometimes we do remember what happens after we've left our physical bodies.

Now here's where it gets sort of comical and this is very typical of positive higher dimensional friends and family as I like to call some of them. They'll assist us in remembering that contact and communications have happened by doing silly or funny things like changing the direction you and your partner where laying in bed. Nothing dramatic or underhanded, no "abductions", just a sense of humor and a desire to trigger memory in us that they were here and we all had a nice chat. The intense blue light is a clear and common sign that these particular positive non-physical higher dimensional beings are rapidly approaching. Not totally on a physical level......but as close as they're willing to come to it! We leave our physical bodies and meet them at that level.

Other ways that they'll try to let us know physically that they're near is through different scents. Suddenly we'll smell beautiful flowery smells inside the house, or pipe tobacco, or cinnamon, or inscense mixed with flowers etc. Any of these scents are just another way that they try to let us know that we've got unseen company and that class is about to start so pay attention and stay awake if you can!
Old 26-09-2006, 09:24 AM
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thanks Lapis :)

i think i may have shared this experience with you before as i remember that was the time i learnt more from you about higher dimensional beings on the other board where we met. i was never sure what form they were...ets or spirits. but i did feel it was something powerful. the rationalist in me thought of other reasons as well but they make even less sense!

i sort of felt as if i was being encouraged to open myself spiritually but i freaked out a bit and stopped asking for "help". i had a dream soon after these events about waking up to alien beings around me and them holding me down. i freaked at first but then trusted that they weren't going to hurt me. they weren't "kindly" but they weren't malevolent either. just sort of neutral. but it was as if they were impatient with me and they opened up my third eye. i saw blue light inside my head behind my forehead and then went back to sleep.

i should have mentioned this dream as well but have been a bit embarrassed about giving it any significance. but it was soon after those strange events.

your insight helped me be honest and less insecure about sharing it :)

i like the thought of the comedy in all this. sense of humour is sooooo very important to me. i like the thought that they would use this to help myself and others learn :)

thanks Lapis for your lovely reply and insight *hug*
Old 26-09-2006, 09:28 AM
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oh just had to mention the smells i experienced after i left the house where i had those experiences and went to the UK. my partner and i were driving to glastonbury and just before we reached the village i smelt incense so strongly but my BF didn't. at stirling castle in scotland i was walking along a path in the grounds and i smelt an old perfume...of roses and something old fashioned and heavy like frankincense or patchouli with it. i was completely alone and near no one or any building at the time...
Old 27-09-2006, 11:27 PM
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Every time I've smelled those type of beautiful scents like what you experienced, it always indicated that higher dimensionals were near and trying to get my attention. They wanted to communicate something and/or tweek some energy something in one of my bodies.

I'll never forget one afternoon I was sitting reading when I sensed that some higher vibrating nonphysical had entered my room. I put the book down and scanned real fast to discern if I wanted this meeting to happen or not. When I sensed that whoever this was was a very positive higher being, I telepathed that it was OK to continue. As soon as I did that an etheric image of 3 beings appeared infront of me. 2 males and one female standing inbetween them. They were helping hold energy and balance for her.

She came up to me, bent forward and quickly touched my forehead (3rd eye chakra area) with what at first I thought was her long thin etheric first finger. It could have been something else, I couldn't see well because she moved so fast. I felt nothing physically and she instantly stepped back to stand between the 2 males. We telepathed briefly and then they were gone.

In all honesty this magical sounding experience was exactly the same as if I'd been at the dentist and the female dental assistant came into the room to clean my teeth first! We have these type of assistants or helpers who usually do these things while we're asleep or in a meditative state. They just clean our etheric teeth is all!! Seriously......they'll tweek or adjust certain energy points in our different bodies to help us with all the ascension processing we're going through. I've heard that we actually have "ascension guides" and that's probably what this was.

Have you noticed any of this activity at night or those scents since you've been back home to NZ?
Old 28-09-2006, 12:16 AM
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hi Lapis

that sounds so similar to what i went through!

i haven't experienced anything really since being back in NZ. but i haven't been very happy being back here. trying hard to make it work but i feel dull and uninspired here, like going backwards. sorry to share that....but i wonder if i've shut off from higher learning from my guides. i'm finding other ways, like chanting. but i do need to do some spiritual "work" so to speak.

i did feel like i was home when i was on those places where i smelt the fragrances. i have since been informed that i may very well have been to stirling castle before and the smell came form a mother figure. that was comforting.

did you find your abilities were enhanced after she touched your 3rd eye? i did feel much more sensitive than before.

Last edited by rose : 28-09-2006 at 05:14 AM.
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