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Old Yesterday, 04:22 PM
sky123 sky123 is offline
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Originally Posted by jonesboy
Desire to refine and continue ones practice I think is different than a desire for an experience, visions or a state of being.

Desire for anything that is beneficial to you and others is what The Buddha called 'Wholesome/Skillful '

You do energy practices to experience something, you don't do them to pass your time away ( I presume) so are they wholesome/skillful or not, If they benefit you and then through you benefit others I would call them wholesome/skillful. The problem comes when you become ' Attached ' to the outcome and it consumes your whole life trying to achieve the unachievable...
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Old Yesterday, 04:52 PM
sky123 sky123 is offline
Join Date: Sep 2015
Posts: 7,228

Western presentations of Buddhist teachings have often led to the understanding that suffering arises because of desire, and therefore you shouldn’t desire anything. Whereas in fact the Buddha spoke of two kinds of desire: desire that arises from ignorance and delusion which is called taṇhā – craving – and desire that arises from wisdom and intelligence, which is called kusala-chanda, or dhamma-chanda, or most simply chanda.

Ajahn Chah.
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Old Yesterday, 07:14 PM
jonesboy jonesboy is offline
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Here is a great teaching on energy/visualization practice by the Dalai Lama

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Old Yesterday, 10:08 PM
JustBe JustBe is offline
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Originally Posted by jonesboy
If you don't mind I will share some links to another forum where I was discussing this with a Bon Dzogchen practitioner.



The second link is where I go into a little more detail.

I like that entire thread on merging and guru yoga. It was a spin off from a discussion on what Buddhism has gotten wrong and goes into some details on my practice.

To me a realized being is having realized emptiness of universal mind. Unlike Buddhism I believe that differentiation is still important at that stage. So if you add in Oneness. Being the wind, the clouds, all things in all dimensions and being able to feel it as yourself.

In traditional terms it is a combination of the clarity of a Buddha with the oneness aspect from Kashmir Shaivism. It is much along the lines of a Taoist Immortal's realization.

Here is a thread that has some of the KS teachings that will help with Universal Mind and Oneness.



I read through that discussion in part and I see many relationships to my own journey and integration. I understand these processors you and others talk about in those discussions. I understand how (through the emptiness and silence) everything becomes a flow of energy (light, ground of being) Everything you’ve been (your own unique life creation) merged through deeper integration into ‘nothingness’ opens up everything as a ‘source’ of energy that then moves more effortlessly as a spontaneous arising and ongoing creative shared space in this way.

When I say to those curious in my world who are seeking to ‘resolve’ their suffering, ‘ I am now just being’ - I share this mainly to show it’s about being everything you’ve been as a clear source of energy that moves and flows effortlessly without needing to know, without desire or need to make it be anything other than just being yourself and being open/connecting as you are.

I think energy and flow opens the awareness of just being an empty vessel (completely out of the way, but open and aware) , I’m not thinking about energy or flow now (for this discussion I am to highlight my being and movements as I am now aware). The most interesting aspect is that the creative energy seeks to be expressed/shared and realized through your own realisations or realized being. So everything you become or are being realized becomes potential through the natural state of oneness with all life.

Which is why, as I often share, where i interact and be open to what is with other life as they are, you can naturally, in being yourself, give others permission to be as they are. Of course that challenges you to be very ok with everything in you ‘unrealized’ all activations, sensations and areas within you still not open to itself.

Openness is open in every way of ones being.

The potential is within every moment to moment of living and being as I see it now in this way. I’m no longer the driver of anything. The being level understands its reflecting what it’s become. And when your no longer involved with the processors it’s ‘effortless being’- which is where I’m aware and noticing myself.

I’m also noticing that when people talk about being of service, giving back- when one gets ‘it’ themselves just being you without containment, as you are, the giving back is also just being you. Moving as this in the world, what you become, is what the world receives through these processors.

I’m not consciously ‘thinking’ I have to be anything, do anything, serve anything.

I’ve let go of all need and desire to let the natural spontaneous flow of myself just be as it will be.

At the ‘spirit level’ of light and oneness I see myself becoming this deeper in myself and one with all life. I see it and know it but I’m not yet in my being reflecting this aware and realized. Like yourself, I’ve been in it as an experience aware when I merged with a spirit many years ago, but now I know I’m becoming all that as myself. Or as some say, ‘through me’..

What I become (fully realized AND open) is what I shine..

Within you is the light of one thousand suns..
“Within you is the light of one thousand suns-Robert Adams
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Old Yesterday, 10:41 PM
Gem Gem is offline
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Originally Posted by jonesboy
Why does there have to be aversions and desires to do a spiritual practice? That is like asking you what desires lead you to do your practice?

In the practice I I am only aware of what is, as it is, in the way I experience it, so there is no desire for 'something else', and because there is no desire, there is no volition to 'make it as I want it to be.

Again you are creating negativity where there is none.

If I ask someone if they are aware of the desire and aversion that compels them to volition. It is just the know, as a fact, what is true of yourself.

That is the goal yes. Getting to that detached state is the trick. Are you saying you have arrived at that state of being where you have no attachments?

I simply know how attachment generates misery.

It is one aspect.

Vedanā (Pāli and Sanskrit: वेदना) is a Buddhist term traditionally translated as either "feeling"[1] or "sensation."[2] In general, vedanā refers to the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations that occur when our internal sense organs come into contact with external sense objects and the associated consciousness. Vedanā is identified as valence or "hedonic tone" in neurology.

Vedanā is identified within the Buddhist teaching as follows:

One of the seven universal mental factors in the Theravāda Abhidharma.
One of the five universal mental factors in the Mahāyāna Abhidharma.
One of the twelve links of dependent origination (in both Theravāda and Mahāyāna traditions).
One of the five skandas (in both Theravāda and Mahāyāna traditions).
One of the objects of focus within the four foundations of mindfulness practice.
In the context of the twelve links, craving for and attachment to vedanā leads to suffering; reciprocally, concentrated awareness and clear comprehension of vedanā can lead to Enlightenment and the extinction of the causes of suffering.

That's it!

It is the practice of many traditions.

Mindfulness is the practice undertaken in all the traditions.

That thoughts or things are imagined is not a Buddhist practice

I didn't say things are imagined - I only said thoughts are imaginary.

Clarity of thoughts is one of the aspects of Buddha Nature so you shuld be.

Anapannasati is a very detailed teaching on meditation. It uses the Jnanas as I have pointed out in previous posts. If you are not familiar with the jnanas then you are not familar with anapannasati. Also, the teachings of anapannasati are much different than what you have taught in your thread on it.

Anapanna is very detailed meditation practice so the philosophy and the method are very nuanced as well.

The word Jhana doesn't appear in the anapanna or satipatthana suttas, so I can't see how its important with respect to mindfulness. I have very little idea what Jhannas are, so I can't reasonably say, but I understand anapanna through formal teaching and extensive practice, and if there is a particular point of difference you take issue with, I'd be happy to go over that in more detail.
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Old Yesterday, 11:36 PM
running running is offline
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Originally Posted by 7luminaries
Running, hello there - I agree that this is a great service and that you can be who and what you are more truly and more deeply when you awaken to all you are.
It's a beautiful cycle or dance, whereby you can be of ever greater service to all that is, as you awaken to all that you are, so long as we move forward with what we are and all that is. And do not resist or move away from our centre in misdirection.

As Jonesboy, I and others have also noted, we mention this purely as disclaimer because it is key for so many, who think the attainment of bliss is a goal and moreover, the primary goal, and moreover, the pinnacle of awakening -- none of which by any measure contain the fullness of truth.

Peace & blessings

everything surrenders and dissolves from the power of bliss and silence. where as life is something everybody experinces and has ideas of how it should be. bliss and silence don't stop life. again ideas of how life should be like is an individual idea. a different truth for each person. which has value. so what is fullness of truth as i see it? its true there is a story going on. its also true that within everything is bliss. and in that helps everyone also realize through oneness.
Kundalini Shakti. She gets around. Don't be alarmed. She is for everybody!!! The dating process with the goddess can be long and strenuous. If you meet her. Buckle up. Hang on. She is worth it.

could be like........
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