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Old 17-01-2016, 08:01 PM
ElectricQuest ElectricQuest is offline
Join Date: Jan 2016
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Verifications: Materialzations of the Dead

See this astounding interview with the late Actor Telly Savalas of Kojak fame as well as movies and other TV shows. Telly describes his encounter with a good Samaritan driving a Cadillac, whom Telly later learns had been dead at the time for 3 years.

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q...QVA P&fsscr=0

Then in my next post I will share my own equally bizarre encounter with Leonard, a man whose dead son returned to give him a ride in his truck.

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Old 17-01-2016, 10:31 PM
Colorado Colorado is offline
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I love these stories...anytime you are ready to share...have at it.
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Old 18-01-2016, 12:03 AM
ElectricQuest ElectricQuest is offline
Join Date: Jan 2016
Posts: 68
Leonard, a wealthy real estate baron, was a member of a church I pastored in western New York. I often visited and dined with him and his wife Helen. He took family misfortune very hard. In great distress, he would ask me to visit his sick brother in the VA hospital or his sick wife in another hospital. Then one Sunday a very distressed Leonard asked me to pay him a visit to discuss his dying cousin (cancer) who lived across the road and who was too depressed to entertain visitors. Leonard wasn't home when I arrived,
As I stood at his door, I was suddenly struck by an inconsistency. His son Jeff, Jeff's wife Karen, and their 2 children had been killed in a small plane crash. Yet this same Leonard who took family illness so hard seemed unphased by this tragedy. I casually mentioned that fact to Helen, and she replied, "Oh, that's because of his contact with Jeff, but he doesn't like to talk about that." Despite this, i eventually couldn't resist asking Leonard about this ADC, and this is the story he shared.

After the mass funeral, he was overwhelmed with grief. He had to drive his late son's truck to town, but as he approached it, he saw a figure loom from the ditch by the road. It was Jeff! Jeff said, "Dad, do you mind if I drive my truck for old times' sake?" A shell-shocked Leonard complied, got in the truck, and Jeff drove it down Rte. 37 towards Rochester. Jeff assured his Dad that he and his family were together and OK and then proceeded to lay out his financial investments to help his Dad tie up loose ends. Then Jeff abruptly turned right on a less traveled highway, drove a couple of miles, then stopped, and said, "I'm sorry, Dad; I'm not permitted to drive any further." Who ws controlling this ADC? Jeff then left the truck, walked towards a clump of trees, and vanished.

Still in shock, Leonard thought this might be some sort of hallucination and his doubts robbed him of comfort. The next day, to relieve his stress, he went for a walk in the woods behind his house. At one point, overwhelmed by grief, he sat down on a log, sobbing. Just then, he heard a branch crack and looked up to see Jeff's late wife, Karen, approaching. She began to scold him, "Dad, didn't we tell you we were together and OK? You get back in the house and comfort Mom!" This second visitation seemed to kill Leonard's grief.

He told me he had never shared this experience with anyone for fear of scorn. He had a pained expression on his face, as he gazed at my incredulous expression. I felt badly because I had pressured him to share his story, and now, I couldn't suppress my doubts. I assured him that I just needed time to process what he had just told me. A few years ago, Leonard passed away, and I learned that his daughter shared this experience at his funeral. So sharing it with me apparently motivated him to finally share it with her.

Leonard was a very bright man of impeccable character and integrity. I'm convinced that his testimony is true. Yet oddly, his account is so spectacularly supernatural that I'm less inspired by it than by my other mystical experiences. Similarly, I also believe in the miracle of the Reed Sea crossing, but that miracle is so unique that it doesn't thrill me like my own paranormal experiences of divine presence
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Old 18-01-2016, 02:23 AM
mogenblue mogenblue is offline
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Very interesting stories.

I have read the book Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, by BT Spalding. This book describes masters that are able to materialize themselves as they please.
There is also good news for people who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In volume 2 of this book Jesus himself shows up.

I found this a very pure and enlightening book.
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Old 19-01-2016, 03:48 PM
ElectricQuest ElectricQuest is offline
Join Date: Jan 2016
Posts: 68
My friend worked with a relative of Rev. Howell Vincent, a Presbyterian minister. Rev. Vincent was a mystic, who wrote a book, "Lighted Passage," which largely deals with his daughter Rea's life. Rea and her fiance, Herb, received fatal injuries on their honeymoon. Howell recounts two ADC visits from Rea's deceased mother on p.25: "I was privileged to be present at one of these two visits by Mother Nelly. Together with Rea, I talked with Nellie, fully recognizing her face and form and voice. I saw her place her hand on Rea's head in blessing, and I saw her give Rea a flower, a calendula, which we pressed and kept. At that time three other members of our family were present...and they all saw Nellie and talked with her, as Rea and I did. We were all wide awake and walked about the room with Nellie."

Then Howell mentions a final visit from Nelly as Rea lay dying, desperately concerned about the fate of her new husband, Herb, who also lay dying from injuries sustained by the accident: "In her hour of devastating pain and frustration, Rea recalled those former visits with the shining metamophosed presence of her Mother Nellie, and that loved presence now came once more to enfold her with peace, dissolving her fears and easing her pain."

The family's group encounter with Nelly's spirit seems as spectacular as one of Jesus' resurrection appearances. I wonder what an examination of the etheric pressed flower under a microscope might reveal. I heard a doctor describe a near-death experience he witnessed of one of his female patients. An angel came to take the lady away, but first gave her a four-leaf clover to give to the doctor! He put it under glass and watched it slowly dematerialize within two weeks. A parishioner of mine had a similar experience when his late mother's lost wedding ring suddenly materialized on his made bed. But that will be the subject of my next planned post
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