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Old 28-03-2012, 04:13 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear Dreamer love, I know Babaji loves each and every one of us unconditionally, it is the reason he stays earthbound to help each of us overcome. Many blessings to you, lovetruth
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Old 28-03-2012, 04:36 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, every experience you have had throughout your lives, acts as a stair step to the next level of your development as a divine spirit. You each hold your own

perspective, thus, your experience is unique to the whole. As you assume bodies and act out as separate, your experiences build on each other and add to the whole.

Whatever experiences are chosen, those of joy or those of suffering all have a purpose in directing humanity toward greater awareness and understanding. Offer each

of your experiences to the divine and let your choices be coupled in the divine. In this way you are acknowledging the divine in every way. Your expressions shared

with the divine are based in truth because you are realizing that there is but one who experiences. When you remember to do this, you are in essence remembering

who you are. These are the steps that will set you free from the delusive state of amnesia. There has always been a means of connecting with the divine and it is but

a choice to create with the divine or or create in the delusion of separation. Do you see dear ones, your choices create your every emotional state based on truth or

fiction. The caring and love that go into your method of living all have a huge impact on how well your part in creation is balanced. Surrender is simply

acknowledgement of who you are, and a willingness to work within the divine idea in every moment. Once you live in balance, joy will be a natural outcome of your

experience. As you spiral ever closer to the divine, karmas fall away as awareness increases. Do not doubt dear ones, you are all on this divine path, each fulfilling a

unique vision of the creator. The idea of separation cannot continually exist, at some point it no longer fits the emerging awareness of awakening humanity, and will fall

away. It is how well you accept divinity in yourselves and each other that will ease the path ahead. Those who hesitate, create their own difficulties in awakening.

be in the habit of grateful acceptance of your experience, remembering that the play is a temporary bridge to selflessness. Surrender your hearts dear ones, let them

expand beyond conditional love. Your true expression is unconditional love for all. Babaji
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Old 30-03-2012, 04:31 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
You have always been responsible for your own creations, dear ones. This is a basic lesson in gaining clarity, so you create in integrity. How you use your power of

discretion will come back to heal or haunt you. Free will has made you aware of your varied creations by bringing them back to your self for inspection. A being uses

wisely or abuses its power according to it use of free will. Power can be given or utilized in the dual realities to bring awareness to how well one integrates within the

structure of that reality. There are realms beyond the dual state, but the dual state is a great tool for learning about who we are, as seemingly separate beings. The

dual state presents its own problems but is also a motivator for change. In the dual state one is constantly put in the position of choosing- choosing sides, choosing

good from evil, etc. It is but a mock up of reality and generally cannot be overcome without moving toward spiritual awareness and the idea of unity. The dual nature

must be overcome, by bringing into balance the opposites. It is why surrender is important to the process. One is captivated by the ever changing constructs that

keep one locked in a state of confusion. Surrender implies that one is ready to let go of belief, so that another way can be presented. This state is overcome by

allowing for truth in ones life versus falsehood. Let your beliefs go, because you will always be presented with another belief to replace it as you grow. It is important

not to hold too tightly to a concept or you do not allow yourself the latitude to continually expand. Have you not changed your idea of who you are along with the

many beliefs that upheld the old idea of you. As the earth continues to shift, you will need to shift with her, and let those old perceptions go. Those who hold to the

old, will feel lost for they will not allow room for expanding awareness, which is what you are now all experiencing on some level. You see dear ones it is like 100 of your

years passing in the blink of an eye with all the accompanying ideas beliefs and constructs changing in that instant. Be open and able to flow with the changes. If

you hold to the old, your body will not be able to flow with the new energies that penetrate your earth and solar system. Let life rewrite your story without resistance,

you are expanding beyond the lesser finite mind to a higher consciousness. It is a positive move toward the next step in your vast evolution. Love, forgive, let go, and

remember that all the pictures presented in duality were of a purpose to move you wake you, and force you to look at your creations once more before shifting into a

more loving and balanced reality. It is chosen, dear ones beyond the dual state, as one chooses, that reality will continue or shift. You are all making the choice now.

Will you take your power and use it for the purpose of building in unity and love or will you give up your power in fear? Many are ready to move forward in the positive

use of power and for the empowerment of the all, and in this a great lesson has been grasped which allows for the next step in your spiritual progression. Babaji
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Old 01-04-2012, 04:13 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear ones, great is the spirit that is able to forgive, even those who have persecuted unto death. Forgiveness is the healing salve of the earth. It is the energy of

change for it purifies the spirit that embraces and lives its message. There will be much to forgive in the coming months dear ones. This is a good time to really see

the plan as far reaching, for the story that plays out is a very ancient story. If you have gained wisdom in seeing with that vision which includes the bigger picture,

you will easily see forgiveness is the only answer. It is a great soul that can perceive in this way beyond anger and blame. Many will perceive differently and will need

assistance in seeing the larger picture. As all manipulation is exposed to the world psyche, it will open old wounds, therefore the door for healing of all old patterns,

beliefs, and pave the way for a new identity based in a common truth that has been long hidden from humanity. Cooperation will pull all the old false fronts apart, and

in unity, peace will again become your choice as a world. This is so far reaching dear ones, if you could see the scope of your earth and its greater importance in the

scheme of spiritual evolution. A great cancer is being obliterated from your hearts and minds, for the control of your world has gone deep. Your concerns now are to

help each other by remembering your commonality in oneness. You will all be extending a hand toward the greater purpose that brought you to the planet as midwives

to a rebirth of yourselves and your planet. It is no accident that each of you are placed to be of service in restoring the earth to a peaceful and loving creation. There

is still much inner work to be done dear ones, but now there will be no interference to distract you from your divine purpose and each of you are ripe to remake

yourselves in perfection. It is a time to be strong and stand up once more as you remember your innate powers as co-creators in your realities. Do not be afraid to live

your inner purpose by letting your light shine for one another. As many of you stand at the forefront of change, many others will look up to you for help in gaining

clarity. Be gracious dear ones, some will refuse help but all are free to make that choice. We regard you with the greatest respect. Babaji
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Old 02-04-2012, 02:49 AM
Xan Xan is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: here... now...
Posts: 12,409
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ahhh... Forgiving... Thanks for the reminder, Babaji.

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Old 02-04-2012, 08:12 PM
Posts: n/a
Smile Channeling Babaji

Hi All,

Just came upon this thread. Can someone please tell me which "Babaji" we are referring to in this thread?

Thank you!
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Old 03-04-2012, 04:35 PM
lovetruth lovetruth is offline
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 634
Dear Present, Do you think the 2 Babajis are different? He made an appearance in the 1970s, but he never really left the planet. He is in the Himalayan Mountains with several devotees at this time. Hope this helps.

Dear ones, each of you holds within, the divine spark. Your essence is ever broadcasting your desires, intents and feelings. The intensity of your signal corresponds to

the power behind each desire or intent. Tied with this, is the mass mind, which is holding your realities' form. When your power increases with dedicated desire for the

good of all, your signal as a beacon thus broadcasts to the group mind and gently influences it back into balance. Every being that adds positive and loving intent to

the all, is impacting the whole. Believe dear ones, this has a greater impact then you might imagine. Form cannot exist without first being imagined as idea. Just as

the creation was implemented as an idea,the process continues as each co-creator adds its own frequency to the idea. It is the strongest signals that creates the

greatest change. Test your thoughts, dear ones, strong emotion has power behind it. As the mind and heart unite in loving emotion, great intensity is generated and

adding to the positive structure of creation. Meditation will help each of you to add creative impact, but in a focused manner. Thought that is fragmented, has little

power beyond your own field. Can you imagine how quickly change could be implemented as each of you send focused images and intent based in cooperation and

loving thought to the earth and each other? It takes but practice and conscious awareness to put your minds and hearts toward such change. One will benefit from

the immediate effect of living with strong intentions of peace and love. The forerunners of change have already manifested change by living in this manner. Whenever

one has moved beyond fear, the frequency produced will be on the positive side, or higher, and this higher frequency helps to shatter the lower frequencies of fear and

hopelessness. Can you see dear ones, how important it is to have some awareness of what you are transmitting. It takes but intent to move your frequency upward,

and this becomes choice in every moment. If you are feeling down, choose to shift into a higher gear. It is up to each of you to effect change in this way. I promise,

you will be happier and feel empowered if you make the effort to shift upward in each moment. You are being prompted with cosmic energy to move ever closer to your

authentic self, which is naturally based in joy and love. Innumerable changes are taking place on the planet, yet you may not be aware of this so much in your

physical, you are certainly aware as a multidimensional aspect of the divine. Remember dear ones, although it seems you are fully planted in the physical, your spirit is

always moving dimensionally. You may experience periods when you feel out of alignment with your body. You are merely shifting more often into the multiple

dimensions that are yours to explore. Many of you are experiencing this more profoundly at night as you sleep. Eventually, it will be the norm to slip in and out of

different realities as is your true nature. Some are already proficient at this and are no longer disoriented by the higher frequencies that implemented the process. You

are all walking in these new energies and each of you are handling them in your own best way. Remember to flow with what you are experiencing, resistance or freezing

up will only delay your process and bring discomfort. This is meant to be a joyful experience, you are reconnecting to the greater part of yourself while embodied and

holding greater cosmic energy within. Such shift is overdue for the earth and her children. Relax and know that you are now generators of such perfection and as you

hold yourselves in an uplifted idea, the whole cannot but shift as your divine counterparts. Babaji
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Old 03-04-2012, 11:40 PM
Posts: n/a
Message From Babaji

Dear Lovetruth

This is very confusing. There was a yogi in the Himalyas calling himself "Babaji "Can't remember exactly the other part of his name. It began with an H. Some of his followers started a kriya yoga center I think in the USA. This yogi was said to be in his 20's and stayed in the region somewhere in the range of 11-14 years before disappearing or leaving. Of course the story goes that he appeared mysteriously and departed in the same way. Then there is the "Babaji" that Yogananda portrays in his "Autobiography Of A Yogi" . The portrait appearing in the book was drawn by Yogananda's brother. Then we have the speculation that Lahiri Mahasaya and Babaji are one and the same. So, there is a lot of confusion and speculation surrounding "Babaji". I was hoping you could shed some light on this.

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Old 03-04-2012, 11:42 PM
Xan Xan is offline
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: here... now...
Posts: 12,409
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There was also the Babaji who gave Kriya yoga back in the 1950's I think. My impression is he was quite detached and austere... not the heart master this Babaji is.

Babaji is a fairly common title in India.

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Old 04-04-2012, 12:24 AM
Posts: n/a
Channeling Babaji

Yes, Xan, good point. This is very true. In India, "Babaji" is a term of affection,respect of/for an older gentleman. This is how an older man from India has explained the name Babaji to me. So, given the name, Babaji can be any older man that one respects and admires.

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