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Old 22-09-2015, 08:49 AM
OPVerma OPVerma is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 299

In the beginning about 1.97 billion years ago, humans had airy body and they did nothing except moving around the Globe. It was very nice and pleasant even though the Earth's atmosphere was filled with methane and ammonia like gases.

Subsequently when human body become gross, they needed terrestrial and marine dwelling abodes. They drank water soup, and now being confined to some place they began to think as to who they were? what they were supposed to do? and who was the owner of the earth and sky?

Their leader Proto human Brahma, meditated and seemed to hear 4 verses meaning that God is the Master and everything has emanated from Him. These 4 slokas mark the BEGINNING of the RELIGION. People then began to think about GOD and various ways to please HIM.

Brahma prayed for audience so God appeared in form of SWAN and preached. That became the First Religion -Swan Religion.

Later on god incarnated in many forms like Hayagriva, Matsya and Kurma and His preaching were recorded and added to the religion.

During Jurassic Era , Many sages began to worship natural forces like wind, fire, sun, with chants and hymns that subsequently took shape of VEDAS.

Those who were living around Caspian Shore ( at that time a part of Tethys sea) were called as ASHURS. They considered Ahur Mazda ( Ashur Maya Danav) to be their GOD. And those who were living in Europe and India Considered VISHNU ( who lived in Iceland) as their God. Hence there arose a great conflict called as Devashur War that continues till date.

Vishnu Religion became SANATAN DHARMA. Though During the great Cretaceous Flood (approx. 100 million years) Europe and India became cut off yet India continued to follow the Sanatan Dharma. and worshiped other incarnations of Vishnu like Vaman etc. During this time Rishav Deva intiated the Jain Dharma.

When the great flood receded 99.3 million years) Vaivaswat Manu came to India and Rama was born (19.4 million) adding another god in the List of Sanatan Dharma. Mean while the Vedic Gods of Natural Forces too continued
to be worshiped Along with the followers of SHIVA in the Sanatan Dharma.

So called Hinduism has developed in 4 phases. The first Vedic Phase in which the Nature's Forces were worshiped. The second began around 1500BC. with the advent of Krishna. the third phase around Christian Era with Monistic ( Buddhist ) influence, and the Forth phase dating 9th century in which monotheistic cults were developed by fervent personal devotion to a particular deity.

In Europe, the initial Sanatan Dharma was replaced during the Ice Age by Buddhism that too was displaced by Christianity.
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Old 22-09-2015, 08:54 PM
Vinayaka Vinayaka is offline
Join Date: Mar 2013
Posts: 524
Hinduism is vast. There are many schools, sets, sampradayas, ranging from pure dualism to pure monism. There are many theories as to history.

To present any one of these theories as fact, and to attempt to speak for all Hindus in this way just shows an ethnocentric or sect-centric viewpoint, and does a disfavour to the reader, but only if the reader can't see the broader picture ... as above. Views differ, we're vast. That isn't about to change anytime soon.

It is wiser, in my opinion, to view a differing view as different, not as 'wrong'.
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Old 24-09-2015, 06:46 AM
OPVerma OPVerma is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Posts: 299
Before the invention of printing press, Indian Scriptures were not available easily,so scholars speculated and various school of toughs emerged with their explanation of God. For reasons of livelihood, Priests branded their folks as Vaishnava, Shaivait, in sampradayas, dualism, monism etc. to prevent them from going to other camps. These variations did help people to adopt holistic lifestyle but were unable to provide insight into Hindu religion.

After the invention of telescope and microscope people came to know about the vastness of the Universe and the intricacies of living cells. The religion became a subject matter of knowledge and science and the philosophical thoughts became confined to social aspects. In present scenario The modern Hindu generation is now interested in study of engineering and medicine rather than philosophy.

Should some body wants to know Hinduism it is wiser to study Indian Scriptures that are authentic and discard philosophical speculations.
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