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Old 12-02-2012, 07:17 AM
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Original Source

"Please note these realizations came to me very vividly and to my displeasement it puts the puzzle of the word "Life" itself into its own exist. Its very hard to explain. Its very heavy things to be told and said. Please note this does not yet go for only our reality of self(s), but rather every living being on our same page i feel."

- I figured out the universe. The truth is duality does not exist, you have all been chosen to be created as a program like a video game, its one game youve chosen to overpower your very will. You must muster up your own strength through their indecencies and blow a hole right through this universe we call a box of nothingness. The universe is but our minds when we come to see clearly all in and can be in exist. False teachings are all we may be fed, but in reality, chaos rules all through this expierence. It is through chaos we came into being, it is how we live our lives. There are many parallels to our very own lives and world, unheard, unthought, or unseen. There is no such thing as good or evil, there is just, " ". That is nothingness. For surely when you too reach the end of your road you'll find a trail to blaze no longer either. Nothing imagined can be authentisized authentic. We are, were, and may just be left to unexist within ourselves if we do not change. It is a very strange little world out there. And for conspiracy theorists, stop squabbling about what ifs, its a waste of life, ive found the real truth to ourselves and the universal truth to ourselves in relation to this so called "God Figure(s)". Emotions need not exist nor nothing not even self at the end of our journeys, you'll find utter nothingness left. For surely to be created wholesome and to deviate you'll find no escape but untimely death. But don't get mad at me, be mad for being but a doll in someones playhouse.

- If you have any questions or remarks, all i must say is please be polite to me and one another. Because trust me, when this truth was found out by me, i was very irritated to say the least. This is a very heavy ideal.

Oh and in return i was told, "Four of Cups" after this realization i had:

The Four of Cups depicts a young man sitting under a tree far away from others in what looks like deep contemplation and meditation. In fact, he is so engrossed in deep contemplation that he does not appear to notice the cup being presented to him by an outstretched arm. A further three cups stand at his feet, symbolising the world and its attractions but again, he pays little attention to these. In this sense, he indicates the need to look deep into our Self to discover the answers we seek. External influences can be distracting and may not lead us to the goal we seek even if those influences purport to be of a spiritual nature.

This young man and his predicament suggest the story of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, contemplating the state of the Universe and unwilling to rise until he has reached the Truth. He is not taking the cup and indeed appears to be paying no attention to it whatsoever. He misses this gift of love and opportunity because he’s completely tuned within.
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Old 12-02-2012, 08:02 AM
Dragonfly1 Dragonfly1 is offline
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Well 34The_enigma34

All I can say is....Im glad its your realisation....cos its definately not mine......I have to disagree with you wholeheartedly......but if this is how you want it to be, then who am I to argue......I'll stick with my 'knowings' and be very glad of them because they make my life worthwhile....blessings and Peace x.
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A Divine Teacher of Light (mine for now) drawn by the most fabulous Evaah.
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Old 21-02-2012, 10:58 AM
Swami Chihuahuananda Swami Chihuahuananda is offline
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Originally Posted by Dragonfly1
Well 34The_enigma34

All I can say is....Im glad its your realisation....cos its definately not mine......I have to disagree with you wholeheartedly......but if this is how you want it to be, then who am I to argue......I'll stick with my 'knowings' and be very glad of them because they make my life worthwhile....blessings and Peace x.

I can't discount someone else's experience, especially when it it apparently so clear and real to them . What can be a monkey wrench in interpreting anything like that is just that : how do we know the experiencer interpreted it's meaning in a way that is accurate enough to put it into words that anyone else should necessarily take meaning from?. How do we even know the person understood the meaning of what they have seen . Subjectivity is almost inescapable .

What I read from the o.p. is a pretty harsh, ungentle experience of ultimate nothingness , maybe even a glimpse into beyond thingness and nothingness, which can be an unfomfortable thing all by itself . It reminds me of drug experiences I've read about, where people are ripped out of their comfortable reality and shown , very unceremoniously, the utter pointlessness of our existence in the face of ultimate nothingness . Our little survival bubbles of happiness and niceness and sweetness might get smashed against the rocks of the cold , and seemingly indifferent, cosmic void .

Sure, nothingness is the ultimate reality , so get used to the idea of being stripped of all you know, think, believe, feel , or imagine , because you will have it all removed eventually. I don't see any way around that .

Ah, but there's more to it than that , because that isn't the only way we have of seeing the infinity of nothingness. That way is like jumping into the pool that has the water drained out , and again, I have to wonder if some mind-altering substance was involved somehow , even if indirectly. Those chemicals do give us new windows on the universe , but I don't trust them ,
just like I don't necessarily trust someone else's vision (or whatever) to be any sort of definitive , applicable version of reality FOR ME.

So, the 'more to it' that I'm thinking of , is that there is not just nothingness . There is Beingness , and as beings being aware of our own beingness, we get to experience glimpses or visions of nothingness with the cushion of beingness , if that makes any sense. We get to evolve a sense of both the uplifting, nurturing , supportive nature of the universe , and also the chaotic side of it . If it were really about only this horrible, empty , black hole of nothingness, well, we'd just disappear right down into that and dissolve away; we wouldn't even be aware of ourselves if we really went into nothingness.

But we don't do that , do we ?. No, we get the opportunity to live and be aware of the many facets and dimensions of the universe , and we get to
do it gently, if we choose to. But if we get a harsh dose of the rough side of it , well, maybe that's what being here is about for some people, to see it that way, for whatever reason, and maybe finding the balance, some of the gentler approach , that's the universe's way of giving them the opportunity to find that. That's kind of what happened to me when I was much younger, though not as brutally as the o.p.

two cents
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Old 03-08-2013, 12:38 AM
Stevo Stevo is offline
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Nothing or pure potential?

both are the same.

Nothingness looked inside itself and created illusions... forever discovering what it is through our eyes, by asking itself who am I.

I get what your saying OP. 'Nothing' is real because illusions are not real.
Still fun though to create!
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Old 03-08-2013, 08:01 PM
Stevo Stevo is offline
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From Bashar: "understand that the experience that you call physical reality is really nothing but a mirror... literally, physical reality is nothing... it is no thing, nothing... it is no thing.

Use the analogy on your planet of the device that you have that is called a glass mirror... you understand, if you think about it for a moment, that the reflection that you see of your face in the mirror, is not literally in the mirror... the glass has reflected all the light of your face back to you, that's why you see the reflection, which means there is nothing in the mirror... no thing.

The mirror is actually blank... by being a perfect reflector it holds on to none of the light and gives it all back to you... that's why you see the reflection.

Physiological reality, take me literally... is a mirror, it is just a more complex mirror, a holographic mirror... a multi-dimensional mirror, so that you don't always recognize all the reflections as you, but believe me... they are... .all the reflections are you, and I mean literally every object, person, place and thing, every situation... every circumstance, every moment of time and space is you being reflected back to yourself, from the particular point of view you chose to express at that particular moment. Does that make sense to you?
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Old 03-08-2013, 08:05 PM
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Link to the rest of the above quote: http://bashar.org/transcriptfundamentals.html
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