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Old 23-01-2020, 01:36 AM
Melahin Melahin is offline
Join Date: Dec 2015
Posts: 1,513
And then just time in itself and parallel timelines and stuff. The way I was shown some of this in my late teens took me over ten years to even understand. If I had spend time trying to I would probably had gone insane, lucky for me I did not dwell on it. One day it just made sense... Iater looking into past lives I found they placed themselves not on a timeline, but as moments floating in a big empty space, and they placed themselves according to how I related to them. In that way it was all relative... not to forget what many say that everything is happening now, that what we think of past, present and future occur simultaneously... probably more confusing than helpful haha
I am the flower, the tree, the vine. I am the path
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Old 02-02-2020, 09:52 PM
mintlemon mintlemon is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 8
Bunny Hello, this is my SECOND thread, yay!

Hi, I think the answer is very simple. You recall those things because we are all multidimensional. I read many books on this topic and at the beginning it was very hard to grasp, but it is really true. You can do some research online or books and will find thousands of resources.

In my experience, there was a tiny incident. I was passing in-front of the back door of the elementary school. When I looked at a box of empty milk bottles sitting there, I had strong feeling I was there the day before. Yes, it is sort of deja vu. Then I realized there is no possibility that I was there the previous day because the place was 1 hour train ride away from my home.

I was there because it was Sunday and my parents were bringing me to my grandparents' house. See? my "other me" in different dimension must have been there the day before, we sort of shared the same schedule and same"route". Probably another "me" was living in a reality in which the previous day was "Sunday".

In your case, three of "you" died at different ages. I hear that one super-soul split into 12 or 16 mini souls and leads different lives. I am not quite sure this each mini soul is multidimensional as well....Anyway, if you try to make sense based on this 3D world concept, you may start doubting your sanity!!
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Old 03-02-2020, 06:36 PM
lyzth lyzth is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Posts: 449
Hi, mintlemon, thank you for sharing your experience. In fact, what I have described is real for my perception, although impossible for the reason. I have no clue on how to start an investigation about multidimensional living.
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Old 05-02-2020, 10:27 PM
mintlemon mintlemon is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 8
Angel1 Hi!

Thank you for your reply!! I mean you are completely normal...that is what I wanted to say. I did not mean that you can "investigate" or do some "research" to get the details of your "3 death experience feeling". When I was reading a book by a past life practitioner, I read this story: When she was not very experienced, one day, she was so overwhelmed to find out that her client's multiple past lives were overlapping. So basically, this client died 1923 for example, but her another past life was starting 1913 and ending 1983, and the other was starting 1940 and ending 2010. This sort of thing is, she said, is normal, because of this multidimensional nature of being (or soul). I may still be missing your point, though. In that case, I am sorry...but when I read your comment, it reminded me of this story. Have a nice peaceful day!! I send you lots of love!!
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Old 06-02-2020, 12:35 AM
BlueSkiez BlueSkiez is offline
Join Date: Jun 2019
Posts: 163
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Hey if you're sick for thinking this I am really extremely sick. I have died a handful of times, I dont know how I'm still alive. How my body keeps my consciousness in my body. Even when the body has died. It's scary, I hate thinking about it.
Lost is better than never seeking
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Old 06-02-2020, 11:44 AM
lyzth lyzth is offline
Join Date: Sep 2014
Posts: 449
Thank you, mintlemon and BlueSkiez.
Thank you for all that answering and guided me here.
While I am here, I feel I am not exactly here, but someplace else, or many places further on, and backwards at the same time.
I forfeit any attempt to care about it, it is beyond me.
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Old 10-02-2020, 11:48 PM
mintlemon mintlemon is offline
Newbie ;)
Join Date: May 2019
Posts: 8
Yes, I feel the same way (I am not exactly here), actually I like the way I feel, somehow....
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Old 21-02-2020, 01:14 PM
Elfin Elfin is offline
Join Date: Feb 2020
Posts: 413
Hi when I think of past lives I cannot help but recall my son age just 3 asking me "mummy.... Do you. Remember before?... Of course I didn't. Know what he meant!! When it turned out he was telling me about when he was a man before !! How he lived on a ship wearing clothes like a long smock or cost down to the floor....
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Old 02-03-2020, 08:26 AM
symmetricalsnowflake11 symmetricalsnowflake11 is offline
Join Date: Aug 2016
Location: Down under
Posts: 72
Originally Posted by linen53
adamkade, I have thousands of books but these books earn the 'red dot' for having a profound affect on me.

Thank you for the list!
*** A wondering soul just trying to get through life as peacefully as possible. Accept your Yin & Yang instead of trying to fight it. Peace & love will conquer all ***
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Old 26-03-2020, 10:09 AM
Colorado Colorado is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 691
Also, you might have some abilities where you are able to pick up others energy field...this could be in the form of empathy, clairsentience, dreams, emotions, ECT, ECT.

When I was a younger, before bI realized that some of the things I was feeling and seeing in dreams were other people... especially, ancestors. I've wrote about that on here. Lots of people who have these abilities, may not be aware or know they have these abilities.

For instance, I was dreaming for almost a week straight at the age of 4....about a man in my family who died 30 years before I was born. I could feel, smell, and see everything that happened the day he died... including his death that day. I could have easily thought it was me, and I did. It wasn't until I was around 30 years old...that I learned it was my great grandfather on my dad's side. He was tragically killed on his way to work. He never been mentioned before, because he died when my dad was as an infant. My dad didn't remember him.

It can be confusing picking up on different energy...and where it's coming from.... especially if you aren't aware of what it is, or gifts you might have. At 4 years old....I didn't know, and I never talked about it.

I also learned later in life...that I was doing this with people who were alive, and not related to me by blood. People around me. It's energy reading...I was subconsciously doing this.
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