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Truth is conveyed; not taught, but awakened; not memorized, but realized.

A small child may accomplish with ease, a thing that remains lifelong beyond most. The soulís genius, developed previously, shines through the veil of flesh and into a world, which in recognition, stands humbled and amazed.

Because of the soulís divinity, we can perceive, foster and preserve beauty; be brought to tears and joy by its awesome presence.

Between the world which was and shall be, we create the unfolding of destiny.

All which we have ever and will ever love is imprinted indelibly upon our soul.
It cannot be lost. It is ours. It is us. It is eternal.

In that vastness toward which we ascend, our human experiences abide in living power, retained with full and fresh impact, the neverending joy of lifeís very best.

We have the power to reclaim the world from ruin and raise it to glory. Do we have the will?
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