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So a teeny peek at J. Krishnamurti also raises some red flags for me.

I see Theosophical Society links, "The Maitreya" is mentioned & Helena Blavatsky leading to Alice Bailey & Ascended Master Teachings - yuk.

Crowley was the only one missing.

There is no awakening - you were born so here you are.

The physical tangible reality is enough of a minefield as it is - without setting oneself the impossible task of becoming "higher beings".

A true freedom is to understand that defining your own existence by someone elses spiritual rules & ideals is a conditioning all in itself.

There are going to be things like addiction, desire, neurosis, fear & anger in life - there will also be moderation, patience, cool heads in times of crisis etc etc it is all part of life.

Addiction is a spectrum - it's knowing that a good feeling can be instant - coffee is a simple but absolutely perfect example of this. A person is not insane for choosing instant gratification, its the consequences that come after that are the stinger.

Neurosis or fear are similar - an indian child worries that when he gets water from the well that a tiger might eat him. It plays on his mind over & over and he does whatever he can to avoid the task.

Truth is - a Tiger may eat you - you can be learn to be confident in your own assessments & build confidence but the Tiger IS a risk.

All the spirituality in the world doesn't out compete reality.

"I am your creation.
Now, as before - you criticise your own work."

- Legacy Of Kain
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