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Originally Posted by happy soul
I think it's so important to be aware of what's going on in our mind. Only through such awareness can there be freedom.
How far is it possible to go with this, realistically? We can sit here and as it's a Spiritual forum wax lyrically about the flowery dress- and floppy hat-wearing Spirituality all we like, but Spirituality is only a very small part of what's going on inside us. We are dominated by more than most can even imagine, meaning no disrespect of course. We'd have to delve into psychology, neuroscience, genetics, epigenetics and into the darkest recesses of our psyches to even begin, and that's the darkest place in the Universe. We'd have to ask the tough questions, like "What are the reasons I am Spiritual?"

Had your genes been switched differently you wouldn't be on this forum, because you simply wouldn't have been able to process anything 'Spiritual'. By the same token, the chances are that one of the reasons you're Spiritual is because of certain genes. You have your dad's nose and your grandmother's Spirituality lol. Those are scary thoughts, aren't they? And considering you process all this Spiritual information - read books and posts, watch YouTubes etc then think about it - how much of your Spirituality is conditioning? You are what you 'eat', Spiritually too.

But how do you define 'free' and 'awareness'? What if you had the awareness that you are in a place where the way you are, the conditioning and the perceptual lack of control means you are uniquely suited for the purposes of your Spiritual development, whatever shape or form that may take? Because you being you, with all your 'programming' etc are asking these questions, having this Journey/experience....... If you were any other way then wouldn't it be a very different Journey/experience/existence? Are you in truth conditioned/programmed or are you in truth finely tuned to fulfil your Life's Purpose/Karmic Agreements....if you believe in such?????

What about free of your own perceptions, letting go of what doesn't serve you to find something that does?

Sit yourself down quietly and ask yourself a simple question - "How different would the Universe be if I was different?" If your moniker was 'cranky soul' rather than Happy Soul? And not just for yourself but for the people around you too.
"Take your legacy and understand what has gone before. Make a new tomorrow in Love, Light and Faith."
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