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I think what is important here, is to acknowledge your experience and hold it inside you. Finding answers to what it was or might have been, is hard and often leads to no real conclusions. But part of experiencing something is knowing, that what you experienced was real, and not letting it drift into obscurity. So just know, that your experience, whatever it was, was real and powerful, most likely connected to your brother. That said, condensed, mist like air is often described in spiritual phenomena, where spiritual beings are present. other possible explanation could be, that the whole experience was very powerful for you, energizing your lighter bodies with enough energy to start a process of spontaneous body separation, resulting as well in the feeling like yo were being lifted. Strong vibrations, and buzzing sound is often present while separating. Both might even be connected, as in your brother being present there, trying to pull you out, so you could have an obe experience with him. But this is a wild wild, theory at best.
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