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the basic problem as I see it is we are ALL mired, just some of us are mired in places we like to go while others are mired in places we don't want at all.

my perception at a young age was that even the most accomplished 'masters' for lack of a better word are in this position it is simply that their position is admired whereas certain other positions aren't. So we name them something different than we name other things and then assume the names actually mean what we think they mean... But in fact it is the fact of this admiration of some positions and dislike of others, that keeps us mired.

So if you follow a teacher you are going to get mired in whatever mire they find themselves in... because over a long period you will sop up their teachings, mire and all. It is the same as with politics... if you join the game it is almost impossible to get anywhere long term without buying into the good ole boys network hook line and sinker and so nothing is going to change for you being there. But if you don't follow a teacher it is hard to see what to do, and the default is you are going to repeat all the common mistakes and not get anywhere that way either.

But people are in too much of a hurry. What we don't realize is that when you make mistakes, a lot, you eventually get the feel for yourself for what is a mistake and what is not. But if you prevent yourself from making mistakes, you also prevent yourself from learning the difference between one thing and another, and have to continue to rely on someone else to tell you what is what.
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