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Originally Posted by mattie
My OH my!!!

Determining whether others' replies are valid or not is giving a considerable amount of direction. Are we to PM you a reply to get clearance to see if it merits posting? ROFL.
Can't speak for Yameh but here's how I do it:
1. Assume that somebody knows what they're talking about.
2. Ask myself "What evidence do I have for my opinion?"
3. Rate my evidence:
- If it came from God Himself, that's a 5.
- If it came from Yogananda, that's a 4.
- If it came after deep meditation where I was able to raise my vibration clearly beyond all interference and I was able to get instant answers to any questions, that's a 4.
- If it came from Brennan, that's a 3.
- Everything else is a 2.
- If I want to believe it or are afraid of it, that's a 1.

If all the evidence I need to justify my opinion (usually several sources) isn't a 3+ I'm not posting authoratively.

Others should post whatever they want.
Yeah and screw the consequences!

Never mind if you mess someone's head up with bad advice. Don't worry about crowding out comments from people who actually have some evidence for what they say. Who cares if you're under the influence of dark forces.

Post away!
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