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Reiki / SAcred Geometry fan Shapes ?

Hello there,
Say i have been seeing this fan object on my left and right side above and right next to my head...I do reiki , and one morning i swear i woke up seeing all this brightness , shapes of fans...???? i thought i was going crazy i was so scarred because i see things bit not like this at all...And ever since a month ago i see like this fan all in white like its clearing out the atmosphere for me? my ears are ringing right now as i say this...I dont know and i can not seem to find an answer just yet...i know i will here...i havnt stared right into yet to see but i do know this it happens in my house..and it happened last month it started, i woke up to seeing all white brightness shapes in the air, tube looking , like omg so much of it where i really got concerned of a brain tumor or something...I didnt get to enjoy it !!! but now i want to understand it since it must be a part of me..oh and i am a starseed to so i dunno...any takers out there..
Namaste~ I would love to discuss this with anyone
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