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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
Thank you for that!

Yes, I knew that the Pine Cone symbolised the Pineal Gland in shape and structure, but what I am getting into right now is, in fact, the whole Sumerian civilisation and connection. I was unaware the Kumaras also had their origins in the Abrahamic faiths as well, so I am learning up along that route now (basically trying to track down the origins of all belief).

I'm also familiar with Graham Hancock - I just listened to a podcast about a fortnight ago about the vanished Champa people of Vietnam and Cambodia. This is the kind of stuff I'm heavily into.

Oh, not to mention my disappointment when he was denied access to dive at the site of the submerged city of Dwarka by the Indian Government.=/

I'm also interested in the pre-flood route of the now dried-up Saraswati River and the effect it had on the tribal migrations within the Indus Valley (during the 4th cycle of Manu IIRC)...but I could go on about this all night. lol

Thanks also for the explanation about Mobile devices. Explains a lot.
You're welcome.

If you're familiar with Graham Hancock then perhaps you've heard of the Shining Ones, according to Hancock around 395 cultures across timeframes and the globe mention them in various ways. To the Mayans they were the Viracochas and to the Sumerians they were the Els - which is where ang-els such as Micha-el, Rapha-el etc come from. Sumeria is often accredited to be the first civilisation and possibly the origins of religion/beliefs, but that's increasingly on flaky ground. It was thought that religion/beliefs started when the hunter/gatherers could grow enough food, which would mean being able to have something other than survival on their minds. However, Gobleki Tepe and Mohenjo Daro are changing that idea because they found a small settlement with a store close to Gobleki Tepe, and something inspired all those people to spend precious resources on building it.

If you're looking for the origins of all belief, good luck with that. Personally I think it's either in the pre-Deluvian epoch or in Jung's concept of the collective unconsciousness. The human brain comes pre-wired for it. Politics and agenda rule so that wpn't help your search, and they seem to play their part in the Indus Valley too unfortunately. What you might find interesting is -

You're welcome again. What's not thought about is how the explanation of mobile devices affects Spirituality, how soon are people going to loose interest and how does that affect them?
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