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Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
If I posted what I actually knew about this, your thread would implode.

I gave the literal and original intention of Christmas the other day and nobody can reply to it, despite it having 79 views:
To be brutally honest it comes across as yet another alternative Christmas story. St Nicholas wasn't such a nice guy after all and used a birch rod for discipline, which is probably where the 'be good or else' bit comes from. Interestingly Auld Nick in Scotland is the devil. In Finland and the Bock Saga he's Joulupukki -

If you want to go down this road a little further, the pine cone is a representation of the pineal gland.

Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
There is a deep, hidden history that nobody wants anybody to know about, but by the same token, it also seems as if nobody is interested in knowing/learning about it anyway!!!
Yes there is but it's worth keeping on looking because it goes back further and wider than you think. The Kumaras come from an Abrahamic religion (another is Christianity) which has its roots in Sumerian mythology so the creator God is one of the Annunaki. By the way, the Old Testament is largely a re-write of the Enuma Elish. The all-powerful God came from Zarathustra, as did the devil as Ahura Mazda, but again there are Annunaki parallels there too.

If you really want hidden history Google Graham Hancock.

Originally Posted by Shivani Devi
the human race has the collective attention span of a flea
In marketing and web page design you have 30 seconds to capture the attention of your target audience before they move on. How people read the text has also changes, people tend to skim more and often don't read much more than the first couple of paragraphs, so if you don't write your articles like a press release people will quickly lose interest because there's nothing worth reading in the beginning. Part of that is because of the huge rise (about 42% currently) in the use of mobile devices. The chances of someone reading your posts on a mobile device are about 50/50 or so, which means they'll get fed up with the scrolling and have the attention span of someone who does text-speak. There again, they're doing the same with any other material they're reading and that's going to affect their Spirituality because they don't get anything close to the 'whole picture'.
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