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Christmas story

I have always been inetersted how and why things are the way they are
much has to do with what came before , History

History of what happens around us can be seen in spritual context too
Truth and History should be the same often they are not
people would like things to be different for there personal reasons
some of these differences are outrages and even hard to belief but do make sens

if back grounds are exposed
one of such events that once an ascended master incarnated on earth totogether with his loved one
to make change , which they did and left when all was done

many years later the ascended master Sanada was re named Jesus and a story was invented
and written down a story that largely had an agenda to enslave people in an hierarchic system

of religion based on conscept of fear and domination , a strong ingrediant was the balance
between male and female strongly favoured towards the male energy , since that energy can be subjected

to writen down rules and regulations and have those rule as reality , as opposed to feeings and empathies
in a far less individual way . the so created religion must have been largely responsible for the deepest

low we ever had the dark ages , ofcourse doing so create lots of unwanted karma and the universe simply
as unconditional as that is by honouring that request , so you want a male energy only messenger of god

created religion , so you will have it and an other incarnated and this new religion came to be
since the first Ascended master incarnated Sanada was some how unsuccessful ? that I find hard to belief

He some how created the possebilty for many of us to unite with out not incarnated self on earth
This task was long foreseen to happen I guess it could not have been in an other way . how I know this

other than just from my guide ? the grand gallery in great pyramid is that part of our history
for those that do not know this among things the cross section of the great pyramid at Giza is a map

of karma we had to go trough since the fall of atlantis and this was part of it . facsinating that
the builders of the pyramid knew it all and mapped it out like that , but that's an other story.

well so there never was a biblcal Jesus and those stories in the bible are fictional but in a nasty way
an very limiting way to what we really are and what really happened, You don't play with the energies of the universe and get away

with it , not than not now , think of a country ruled by religion favoured towards the male energies , perhaps for the
uninitiated all seems fine but what does really happen ? is in the family the female dominated by the male in a way

the religion approves it , karma is created that only allows such countries to have a government that reflects those
values to its subjects , male dominated leads to dictatorship along line in which domination is done .

No wonder so many spiritual people these days would like a relationship based on love since if that happens
to great extent and in many places the government would be the same to in the end , such nice thought that would be

on this day of Christmas :-) some day perhaps it will happen to many and be real for many yet as is now, many need to
learn a lot , thought this would make a nice Christmas posting on what that really could be about and was originally
intended to be as if anything worth celebrating
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