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Originally Posted by Lorelyen
To a small extent, agreed, but easier because a state has been reached. The end of some process having achieved its stated objectives so there may still be a comparison of what's done against the objectives. Sometimes it's easier and obvious. When the kettle's boiled the water the boiling process is complete. Other times less so.

The problem with reality being "complete" is that it's a system of signs (materialising from events, functional relationships within itself) that is never static. Neither are our perceptions that manifest our experiences that add to our previous experiences. So whether judgement is even possible is debatable but yes, it would need judgement. It would need a snapshot of events within the "reality" to compare with a set of pre-conditions. So then it would only be complete (or not) at that point. Word-play, really.

Tricky one indeed! Words, like all phenomena we perceive are just signs. We individually give them their meaning. Complete means different things to different people.

Look again, I did write 'a completeness that flows'.
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