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Originally Posted by naturesflow
Nothing left out
In the heart of the one
Aware of love
Aware and loving
All beings as one
None are dismissed
In the inclusion
Of loving ways
Loving awareness
Of all beings
Self love

Considering the pain of not love i see the reign in the stance of your conclusion i hope to see no pain, Due to set of hope I reset all gain, In the Awareness of Love i mantle detain, None are dismissed in the inclusion Loving Aware, The cause of this paper writ on is to say love to appear, We Sold under carnage to say we love self, But what is better then to share the love for a better of wealth, I see the cause of your written word, It tells me you are a Awake after 12, To hear the voices of the sweet sounding core, So simmer the love that tells you No one is but more to adore, I called for test the life it arrest to implore, You are One wicked woman, But i Love the scene of your floor .. -The Threshold
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