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Originally Posted by TerramineLightvoid
You mean the problem is... that you didn't look up the definition in a dictionary to see that you were... wrong? You don't get to just make up definitions of words, especially when trying to scrutinize other people.
I donít have to devote myself to the definitions of dictionary authors. Each definition is arbitrary to a certain degree. The real problem is that you are petty minded stickler. In sophisticated conversations people use something called ironic exaggeration and other things as a means of rhetoric. Thatís what I did. There obviously is a high analogy between ďa belief in something that is neither proven nor probablyĒ and a religion. Iím sorry that you didnít get that.

Originally Posted by TerramineLightvoid
It is not by NECESSITY that Atheists think that way and most certainly not all do....
If you are an atheist it is NECESSIARILY required that you have to BELIVE that the human brain causes consciousness or that you as a person evolved through natural selection. An atheist who believes in souls isnít an atheist by the common usage of the word.

Originally Posted by TerramineLightvoid
The point is. If you saw a fairy once. That's all well and good to think fairies exist, yourself. But to convince others? You don't try to convince someone based on you TELLING THEM that it happened. To try to do that and to try and convince people to defy skepticism and logical consistency is Toxic and Destructive. Meanwhile it is not even remotely the same as say... inventing computers or cures for cancer. At least science can back it's **** up, it doesn't need to "believe"... It knows, it makes damn sure it KNOWS.
I made experiences that showed me that supernatural things exist and that I AM a soul not a brain. But I accept if others do not believe me. I could be more detailed here but I had this kind of discussions many times in my life and Iím not interested in repeating them again and again and again....
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