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Originally Posted by Siemens
I can’t assess if atheism or whatever-you-believe is more likely because I don’t know your exact doctrine. However, from a strict rational standpoint atheism isn’t as likely as many atheists might think. Atheism is just another form of religion (the religion that there is nothing more than matter). Although atheists are experts in denying that.
I like how you just say "They just deny it is all." skimming over the actualy irrefutable truth that Atheists have completely rationally DISPROVED that assertion. But of course, go ahead and misrepresent the facts and just prove them right about how mindless and self-absorbed religious people are. Making the rest of us look bad. FYI, here's the irrefutable proof that you're insane:

Definition of Religion: A collection of beliefs, ideas, world views, and perspectives which relate Humanity to the universe and a greater purpose.
Definition of Atheism: The rejection of the God claim. Although Agnostic Atheism could be defined as simply A Lack of a Belief.

So praytellme bro. If religion is basically the product of a bunch of different beliefs combined... and Atheism is AT BEST /a single belief/, little alone AT WORST not even 1 belief. How can it be religion?

Religion: Many beliefs combined.
Atheism: 0 or AT MOST 1 belief.

In fact, the irony is that if there were a Secular/Atheist Religion. Atheism would just be 1 part of the whole. 1 part does not make a whole, you need the other parts too. Hence things like Secular Buddhism and the like. There are "Atheist Religions", but they're not just simply identifying as an Atheist... they are much more on top of that too. Now what you COULD say perhaps is that people in general, outside of religion even... have the tendency to form their own individual Dogmas. You could say that most Atheists have their own "religion" in a sense. In that they have their own collection of beliefs, ideas, world views, and perspectives which relate Humanity to the universe and/or a greater purpose.

But that's not a criticism of Atheism, and particularly it is not a rebuttal of the argument that Anti-Theists(Who are really the ones you're talking about, in specific, when you talk about people who trash talk the very concept of Religion itself. Atheists who say "Religion is inherentoly toxic" aren't JUST Atheists plain and simple. They are also exhibiting an Anti-Theist philosophy here.) are making. Fact is, if they are saying Religion and Dogma are inherently bad. They probably aren't hypocrites about individual dogmas. That is after all why a majority of the Atheist community are also Skeptics who argue that it's not JUST Religion/Dogma we have to watch out for... but also the intellectual pit traps we /ALL/ fall into that leads into stagnant, restricted, and oppressive thinking.

It is in fact very common in the Atheist community for one Atheist to criticize another for sounding exactly like a Christian in terms of Absolutism, Certainty, Dogma, and Group-Think. I know of 2 songs from 2 different prominent Atheist Idols that talk about it. Your "logic" isn't some sort of monkey wrench being thrown into the cog of atheism, and does very little to back up your own position.
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