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Originally Posted by markings
I have invested a little in Bitcoin a week ago. So far I lost a little bit but as the long term, and this morning also short term trend seems to be up I am confident. The popularity of cryptocurrencies is not surprising. How much interest does your saving bank account pay? 0.01 percent. Great. And if I would have kept my bank account in my native country it would be -1% plus monthly bank charges.
The banks clearly do not want your money, so where can it go?
And it should be safe from haircuts and other shenigans the governments and bankers think up nowadays.

I intend to use it like some people do use money at the casino. Limit your potential losses, make a big win, draw the money over and above the initial amount and put it somewhere safe.

Yes. I had a splash at the end of August which dipped a bit at the end of last week (against sterling) but has well recovered. Point is, dad bought some years ago and the gain on that is staggering! When I bought my Trezor he sent me 1 bitcoin.