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Thanks ThatMan shall we see what others say... surely it can't be left open with no other comments added after 2 visions, someone here will have something to add on it. I believe Aknaton who messaged me on the Metatron post, and I know what I saw and so do you, so we'll see what others here say.

thespiritual1 - yes I have lots to say on energy and thanks for your reply - just quickly comes to my mind - you get tired, headaches and low on energy lots of ideas here, but I just want to say something important - just be sure you're not using any device that has a battery enclosed and is on charge when using it, or anywhere near you whilst on charge, and also if you are using an old phone and the battery is weak get it changed for a new battery immediately, like today... We need people like you strong so we can all help others...
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