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Originally Posted by one-light
Over the next coming days/weeks I'm going to write about some of the knowledge ive gained with my two and a half years research into keeping the mind and body strong - including meditation to help some of my friends here who like myself might keep stumbling along the way on our journey health wise... We are all human beings made of 100% energy so that makes us all energy beings, so makes sense to keep the mind/body strong, while the body is just a vehicle for our spirit, we need to keep it strong as possible with correct energy while we delve into the spiritual side of things here on this brilliant forum, whilst on our individual amazing travels here on Earth.

Many of you on here, energy vibrations will be extremely high... But for some dealing with spiritual issues, energy vibrations can be low - so if this is you just trying to deal with matters at hand, and something troubling you then its 'you' I want to try and help with my knowledge, then you can go out into the world and help and be kind to many others if you want to.

I'll write more later and over coming days/weeks as words come to me, for now you are feeling low on energy, research - 'positive energy to self heal' - If anyone has comments of questions feel free to post, and I will keep writing what ive learned and answering any questions. So if you're reading this now and struggling dealing with spiritual issues - start by raising energy vibrations to get the mind/body strong, and if you're a big burger eater don't! Just cut down on meat and eat more fruit instead to raise your vibrations and feel better - and lower alcohol, avoid those extra drinks to make you sleep they don't help in the near/long run. Good luck and i'll write lots more on this.

Regards Steve.

There is something strong with the energies, not just once I felt powerful energies while in meditation or while I was outside my body having an OBE.When I met for the second time the presence of Christ, I felt a super high energy and a very intense parfume of an apple tree.I read that you have seen Christ on a tree, I saw Him on the cross, it was an image and the whole image was covered with blood, probabily, His blood.Sadly, I can't remember how He looked like, maybe because this was not important... I have also felt His presence in the sky, He was there with His angels, coming to Earth from another realm, all I could see was this vast ocean of light that covered a big part of the sky, in my vision He came right before the end of the world because there was a global nuclear war.

I am sure there is something strong with the energies, but I am only at the beginning.. and I have so much to learn, at this point, I feel like I am only able to sense them or to feel their effects in my body.
My Father and your Father, the Father of all, the Supreme Being, is calling us to the Truth. Can't you hear His call, the knocks in the door? Open the door, so the Truth may dwell within you.
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