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Originally Posted by shivatar
Not much love for Shiva these days.

Guess that goes without saying though. What living being doesn't resist it's own destruction? hahahah. the ones that don't are not here anymore.

Everyone else is one foot in the grave. Halfway there, halfway not.
Namaste, Shivatar.

I'm sorry I only visit SF for an hour every week now, but it seems I have run out of things to talk about - exhausted myself within my own knowledge and experience - I am seeking to love and worship Lord Shiva more offline...keep the whole thing hidden...keeping it all 'to myself' because nobody else seems interested or even wants to know about it - so much for me being a 'teacher' eh?

Yes, there's not much love for Lord Shiva these days...but there never has been, really. Lord Shiva is always seen as being totally aloof, always in meditation, unapproachable...surrounded by his 'army' of demonic ganas...surrounded by snakes and other evil/vile creatures...easy to please, but also very quick to anger...and so, human interest has always turned to Lord Krishna (Lord Vishnu) or to a form of the Goddess (Devi) or to the sons of Shiva - Ganesha and/or Kartikeyyan.

The actual personae of 'Shiva' has lost all relevance and has become no more than an impersonal form of 'energy' or 'consciousness' or a formless representation of the human soul/atman as Brahman - a void of nothing wherein nothing dwells or exists and this realisation very closely approximates the death experience (or near-death experience) and in regards, Shiva is identified as being Mahakaal and/or Bhairava - the Lord and Master of time, eventuality and the dark force or 'dark matter' into which everything dissolves at the end of the pralaya (great cycle of existence).

Shiva not only represents death and destruction on the physical level, as in the case of the physical 'death experience' but also, as that which destroys 'ego' or 'ignorance' or all other aspects of our conditioned selves, so that only pure consciousness/awareness remains - only the bond with Shiva remains above all else, as we count every atom and molecule of 'star stuff' we're all made from, whilst observing all the galaxies and nebulae in the night sky as mere ornaments within His matted locks made from strings of unifying quantum particles.

To me (and to hardly anybody else), Shiva is a being in Saguna representation - and often a frightening and terrible being at that, but when I get over my total fear of Maharudra, of Mahakaal himself, the love and devotion I feel is totally incredible and all pain fades into a bliss of divine euphoria (but it's difficult to remain in that state for long). I'm taking time offline to meditate, align myself with Shiva more and rest within the core of my being a lot more than I do, so that Shiva's love for me can shine through more than it does as well.

I remember the time Shiva first came to me.....appeared before me and I was terrified of Vasuki around His neck...petrified of snakes I was! I wanted to reach out and touch Lord Shiva's 'skin' which was a strange hue of bluish, greyish, white...and rippling like the event horizon of a supermassive black-hole...not solid, but strangely dense beyond all density...I wanted to feel it, but Vasuki was hissing at me...unfolding his hood at me...I was all of 5 or 6 years old at the time...

Then Lord Shiva said to me 'if you don't show your fear, he will not bite you...he is only reacting to your fear...he senses don't be afraid and you can touch me...he'll let you" that was a big ask of a young girl with a morbid fear of took quite a few years before I got over my fear of Vasuki enough to reach out and touch Lord Shiva...

Then a few days ago, I was also lamenting there doesn't seem to be enough 'love for Lord Shiva' anywhere...Shiva not only represents death, but also life, in all its full glory...but it seems that Lord Shiva is the cosmic reminder of a soul's eventuality in the universal order of things and I also came to understand that we do not 'choose' to love and worship Lord is He who chooses us to do that and Lord Shiva is getting very picky and choosy lately.

Most on Earth do not even know of Lord Shiva...they seem to know about Jesus and Krishna and Jehovah and Buddha and all that, but as soon as I mention that I worship Lord Shiva, they are like; "who is that?" and the closest I can explain it in any way they would possibly understand it is comparing Him to Satan or Lucifer or even Hermes Trismegistus or Thoth from the Egyptian Hierarchy...and then all of the "OMG!" and "I shall pray for your poor, tormented soul" starts....little do they know or understand, my friend....little do they know or understand.

If I don't reply to this soon, it means I am doing practical things to forge the bond I already have with Shiva like liquid diamonds...because I know that I am His! beyond and despite anything else, I belong to Lord Shiva and I don't fear death as long as He is there!!

Aum Namah Shivaya
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