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Perhaps the best method of worshipping Shakti /Divine Mother...

To regard every form, thought or emotion inner or outer as an aspect of


Pratyabhijna Hridyam

Sutra 1

1. "Chiti hi svatantra visva siddhi hethuhu"
The independent (svatantrā) Śakti or Supreme Power (citiḥ) (is) the cause (hetuḥ) of manifestation, maintenance and dissolution (siddhi)1 of the universe (viśva)

Sutra 2

"2 Sva icchaya sva bhittau visvam unmilay-ati"

Through Her own (sva) Will (Power) - icchā, She unfolds (unmīlayati) the universe (viśvam) on Her own (sva) Canvas
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