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This is kinda sensitive subject since we are on the Christian forum

Jesus at that time was just recently ascended. When the soul disincarnates and exencarnates from the world it takes time, not because the soul is bound by time but because the soul might have some work to do with those among the living.

Jesus's ascension wasn't something that happened like a linear event. It was a process as described by St. John's gospel.

Jesus' spirit and body were resurrected which was a rare event, something God (Father/Mother, Great Spirit, Great Grandfather) had done unto him for the sake of humanity's learning in the material realm.

His presence was still active in Jerusalem and parts of Palestine as he guided the apostles and new disciples into the movement. What makes anyone think Paul was the only one to have such a thing to happen? Paul was just the one who had the most dramatic conversion because he was technically a murderer turned mystic.

Paul could also read and write which is why we have Paul's writings. I believe Christ appeared to many people through his world during this period it just isn't recorded. Paul is also an example of the human being who is a spiritual being having a human experience filled with contradictions, warts and all.

Paul was a better example as to how anyone can be transformed. Paul also was a good example of a soul going from the old law (Karma) into the new ever-lasting timeless law of Grace. Karma is a law that God created for souls to undergo in this world and the next and in between for their soul growth based on the good and bad deeds committed by them. You receive what you put out. But to be saved from your own actions because majority of humanity acts from a place of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, God has a Higher Law that is uncreated, flows from his eternal Beingness which is his Personal activity, whereas Karma is impersonal.

Wrath of God is not directly from the Great Loving Grandfather Creator, but from a Law he designed from the beginning. The Mercy of God is directly from the mouth and hands of Spirit.

But Jesus never stopped guiding people. If you look at the Saints and mystics in the Middle-Ages there were countless stories of him appearing to them with his resurrected body. He may not seem as active nowadays but that's only because we have fallen asleep. We also have angels, guides, ancestors, family members on the other side of Life who have jobs and duties to help us. Jesus is just one of many but he is more powerful than most since he lived a perfect life on earth. Karma and grace were perfectly harmonious in his life as a Man.

A lot of people claim to see and experience CHrist and they say his presence and aura is an intense powerful force of love, a love that can not be described. It is the closest vibration and energy you will feel next to God which you will experience when you die and cross over.

He is just not speaking directly like as he did with Paul because during those days Jesus had a more active mission to get his teachings spread throughout the Gentile world. That's all
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