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Hi Folks..

Miss H; Hello

Hmm - interesting thing to think about - from a demon, or from Christ..??...

Well - I believe I met Christ in a face to face encounter so to spiritually speak - mind to mind actually, but it played out as though it were "flesh and blood" of course it never was that.. So I know HE CAN manifest directly.... But also - Iam acutely aware of His teaching -which He basically said we are to become Him, and as this was happening, as the transformation was ongoing for us, we would have a "comforter" - the Holy Ghost - and it is through THAT connection to Him, that all guidance comes He promised..

Now I can only go by experience as I say - and believe Christ fully and know for sure for my Self, His truth applies - I found the exact thing He said I would find, so I trust Him completely, that Holy Ghost connection is VERY real - legitimate knowledge is indeed made acessable VERY Easily here directly by the mortal mind - and SOMETIMES for me it is like a "spoken voice" in that manner - but more usually, its like a "memory" that youve always known, and can be recalled fully, instantly - like 2 x 2 lol - it becomes absolutely foundaitonal truth, rather than a spoken, delivered truth...

Personally, I tend to trust the deeper memory type far more that the spoken voice type of wisdom....I t just seems more complete, whole.... The first time it was spoken - it said "Peter, dont be afraid" - deep in silent trance - I of course, immediately jerked OUT of said trance, missed its

Other times it has spoken it has always been URGENT and immediate situation advise -do this - say this -act now !! Usually like a minute or so later, the reason becomes clear and Im prepared already - Handy, my mate ALWAYS has our back always know how to deal with whatever we face if wwe learn to trust it... Its NEVER led me astray - Ive never met a spiritual demon directly but I do believe they exist, knew someone who had such an encounter - but I do know evil here in the world exists for sure - so I cant really say if demons deliver spiritual confusion in that manner, but going on what I do know, if they did, it would indeed HAVE to be by the voice method - as see, the Holy Ghost has to be invited, ALLOWED, and is primarily an INNER energetic union that starts it off... It is indeed, the identical process of opening chakra and awakening Kundalini - identical phenomena..

Only later as that process nears completion, does the spiritual realm become opened up to the mortal mind.. The mortal mind becomes whole as the process completes - this part here reading this, and "subconscious self" known as ONE reality - the third eye is opened and spiritual realms are accessed...

But as I say, for the "learning of truth" element" for me, its more that deep seated memory type - very - comfortable and secure feeling.. Once "thine eye becomes single" as He says - the mind is WHOLE - so its easy to understand how we perceive now a WHOLE truth, as if it was "memory", because now we have access to OUR whole mind and the wisdom that was delivered directly into that which we think is "subconscious" is now laying open and clear here at the surface also.. No longer separate but whole awareness...
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