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I just had an OBE few moments ago, at first I could not see a thing, then I found myself back in my body and once again I was able to leave my physical body, this time I could see everything perfectly.I flew for some moments around my house, everything was so vivid, it was like real life, then I decided once again to search for the Creator, suddenly, I heard a voice: I will show you where the Creator is found.; so I felt the desire to fly upwards, to reach the space, then once again, suddenly, I stopped and I knew that I found the Creator, and the very same voice said: There where your treasure is, there you will find me.;

Do you remember who talked about storing treasures in heaven and that where your treasure is, there your heart will be also? It's Christ!

I could see the moon and the stars, it was still night just as it is in real life at this very moment in my country.I also saw many people on the street, prior to this I had another dream but I can't remember much, all I know that it was about my family.Now one more thing, before going to sleep, while I was meditating I heard a voice saying my real name, it was like someone was playing at a piano and the music sounded like my real name.

This was amazing!!!!
Christ is the absolute truth.
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