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Great, but's here are three concepts we should be mindful about manifestation..

1. In the physical plane, no matter what the gurus expect you to believe - but things take time and energy. It requires more concentrated energy and duration of time to manifest $500 mill as opposed to $500.

2. You might not manifest the exact thing you're wanting, but the desire to manifest and be drawn to the path universe reveals to you aligns you to your higher purpose - so don't get to fixated by the number $900 million..

3. I think you could slightly re-frame your affirmation by including feelings and details.. our mind/higher mind both are not directed by numbers but feelings.

Hence, this is how I would suggest you to do your affirmations..

"I'm feel so happy and grateful to be living a life of a billionaire"
"I'm so happy and excited to be buying a $5 million mansion for my friend.. it has everything (the things in details) ...."
"I'm feel so happy and excited to be living in a 40,000 sg ft manison which has.... (in great detail)

You get the idea right,... the more the details and the more clear they are - it affects the manifestation process immensely.

Finally, there are two types of affirmations.. 1. Just one line repeated throughout the day 2. A long description of the desired life/situation

Few additional things to remember is that..

1. Always imagine that you're letting your desires/affirmations float away into the universe and expect guidance

2. Act on your hunches proactively... and take action as much as you can. You cannot sleep on your affirmative desire

3. Always add the following line to your affirmation session and also hold the feeling .. this helps in dealing with unconscious blocks (Dear universe, I know we're manifesting this (....outcome....), but if you feel there's something much greater that could make me more happy and others involved more happy - then help me to manifest that outcome).

This is actually very important.. once you do this.. surrender to the fact that universe is guiding you all the time.. and if you act proactively without doubting whether the steps you're taking is congruent to your larger vision or not- you'll most likely manifest your desires.

Hope this makes a little sense..

everyone has their own experience.. I've had success but cannot say it was solely by affirmations.. it was not so much of a vocal activity for me but rather a meditative internal feelings based session.

Another thing I do is... create a colorful sign which somehow represents the desired outcome and place it everywhere.. so everytime I see it - it re-enforces and reminds me at a sub-consciousnesses level. So you smile and relive the desired outcome for a few seconds... I think this method is equally helpful along with affirmations.
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