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An unexpected animal encounter

Beginning of the weekend I got a baby scrub python dumbed/gifted on my doorstep in a plastic tub by some unknown person or persons.
It must have been illegally taken from the wild.
So what to do – what to do?
Call the RSPCA animal care – a snake catcher – what?

The poor thing had a crusty tail. But bathing it in a lukewarm water, the crust fell off and revealed a clear skinned tail that moved just fine.
Obviously it had been handled – it wasn’t snappy at all –and like a rag-doll it just totally relaxed with me - perhaps it was a female.

Fed it – it had a good appetite, lighting fast reflexes.

Seeing that it was bright eyed fine – there was no way I could be a possessor of a wild python living in a plastic tub! That is not a life of a python!
I cannot understand people who want to own wild animals.

Released it back into the wild.
But today everyone is asking if I’m alright, because I so don’t look it.
Well, I should be happy about the release, but the safety of that absolute sweetheart of a python plays heavily on my mind. I prayed for it – I’m still praying. I fell in love with it i.e. I started feeling like it was feeling – (I have no boundaries).

At first it just wanted to get back to me – to safety, but then the new smells of the natural environment got it so very curious – and it started exploring …… finding its way ……….

Still – I am beside myself now ….. did I do 'the right thing' .....
People just think about how threatening the snakes are – not realizing just how utterly vulnerable they feel …..

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