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Originally Posted by FallingLeaves
Just for the sake of conversation, FWIW many animals eat other animals. Where is the indignation about THAT?

And why do we persist thinking animals are comparitively 'pure' creatures when they are just as likely to kill each other and/or us as we are them?

Why are humans singled out as evil in this, and the animals get a pass?

You're right, the predators do eat other animals. The cats in particular, are obligate carnivores which means their physiology requires meat and generally speaking, they respond to their food needs as a matter of instinct and availability. That's why they aren't 'evil'. Carnivore's bodies are designed to eat meat and their function is purely to control herbivore numbers.

Our physiology on the other hand, is actually more like that of herbivores. From the design of our teeth and entire digestive system to the kinds of digestive acids that our bodies produce, we are clearly more like plant eaters.

And here's something to further encourage acceptance of that statement. People who are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, MS, arthritis, some cancers, etc., will usually see a reversal of the disease when they drop the meat and dairy from their diet. But if you drop veggies from your diet, you're health will decline and eventually you'll die. Early explorers discovered that and made sure to bring some kind of veggies along with the salt pork or whatever they carried. So dropping meat and the subsequent return to health indicates that meat is not an appropriate food for us.

Also, while your puppy can chow down on the contents of the cat's litter box with relative impunity, you and I don't have digestive enzymes that are strong enough for us to survive that. They can eat animals that have been dead for a while, but the bacteria would take us out. Hence, they are designed to eat meat and we aren't.

I guess as far as your 'purity' suggestion, wouldn't that point more to their responding only to instinct and immediate need? Whereas we humans have a tendency to make plans that easily ignore not only our own need (peace in the present?) for the sake of a greater gain that may hurt vast numbers of other people, animals or the environment. Now that is evil in my opinion.
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