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Color A Real Man.

You can always tell something about a man by the arrangement of his flowers .
Or by his gun which gives him special powers.
And by the way he spits you in the eye, or by the way he's not afraid to cry.

You can always tell something about a man by the way he rules the world in his own kind of way.
And by all the things he never seems to say.

You can always tell a real man by the way he scratches his crutch and says all this hippy stuff is all to much.
And by the way they all laugh at the same old joke, which is always about more sensitive folk.

And how they hold there heads up high proud of the fact they never try to stop the suffering they create......... so there you go mate.
How many times does an angel fall.

How many people lie instead of talking tall.

quote David Bowie Black Star.

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