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Originally Posted by davidsun
Though the alternative possibilities that a soul may psychospiritually develop to the point where it ‘finally’ fully acknowledges that it is not a separate self in its own right but a subsidiary expression of Life Itself and so consciously chooses to mentally, emotionally and behaviorally completely devote itself to living
I relate to that. Perhaps you and I differ on what constitutes devotion to living. Generally speaking, I consider kayaking in the ocean, or walking along the beach, devoted to living. Watering the garden. Feeding the birds. Touching real life.

Typing opinions on the Internet and getting into back and forths with online strangers? Not so much. Technology is a dead medium. But it's more than that for me. Opinions are a dead form of expression; they are thoughts and beliefs that have hardened into a static concepts. And pretty much every word typed in forums like this one are little more than lifeless opinions.

Salons were an example of devotion to the art of living communication.
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