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Well, huhh, can I assume you mean the reference to me. (Aside from that the post seems a bit of a tirade against those unwilling to take the plunge.)

I share only my entousiasm. And a "brag"? dude... just f of. Same goes to all other distrusting people. Cryptospace is for fearless people right now. So i understand the judgement and assumptions. Because thats the easiest to stay in own little world yet remain so spiritual haha. Joke. Same as Lorelynn blocking me without having the courtesy of simply saying "no tx" Its ooh so diffucult right? I guess there is a reason i hate people in general.

I don't know what me blocking him is about. If he means on this forum, I've done no such thing. I don't block anyone.

Besides I wasn't sure what he was offering - it sounded like trading but wasn't an outright proposition. I seem to recall he made a direct proposition to another member. What happened from that wasn't my business.

So...I really don't know otherwise....!