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Originally Posted by Universal.Vibe
Anything is possible + you reap what you sow
= you can have anything if you work hard at it.
All true statements.

The fine print ofc is that "hard work" part
Nothing worth having ever comes free.
So I guess affirmations don't make your life any easier all they do is raise your own expectations by removing the wall between what you originally thought was possible and what is actually possible.
But that's probably not a big deal since if you're into affirmation you probably had high expectations to begin with.

As I learned (about) affirmations, they have to be repeated enough to get the aim into your "subconscious" (if you follow the Freudian topology of mind) thus they will start altering attitude, behaviour, plans, in ways subtle and not so subtle, steering toward what's being affirmed. (They have served me, a freelancer, well in that respect.) Hard work? Yes, initially at least, until the act comes acutely habitual then it flows.

All spiritual development takes work and open-mindedness, fearless of one's truth and (I reckon) a critical eye toward what you discover in print or on the inner worlds. Snake oil salespeople abound out there (and a few in there too)!

PS, yes, anything is possible if you accept the concept of infinity. There's an infinite number of peoploids out there typing this exact post right now.
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