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I did have a look at some of the video but statements like "everything that you could possibly ask for or want, you have now...//'re simply not experiencing it." (starts 48" in). Well you can't blame me calling that a nonsense because it simply isn't true except logically: I'm not experiencing it because I haven't got it or had it.

But to claim I already have it is facile. I want to be a famous concert pianist. I have it now? This sounds more like LOA than affirmation. They're different. LOA is highly suspect. Think of it. How do I go about undermining the lack of being concert pianist? Pretend I'm one? And if so how can I do that if I can't play piano? (Things would proceed differently with affirmation, leading to a strategy that would achieve the aim. With LoA the best I can hope for is believe in a pretence.)

LOA might work under certain circumstances but it's no answer to most things. Suppose I tried it. I want to be an eagle. I truly believed I was an eagle; so I leapt out of the upstairs window, flapped my arms a bit (they're wings, really) and, oh cripes, ended up with my head stuck in the water butt and sore.

So if it IS to do with affirmation it's really confused. I watched the video up to about 6'00" when it faded into a new one and affirmation as I learned it wasn't there.

What the guy seemed to be doing was reinforcing doubt. I don't know if that's how they keep the "market" unstable or not but certainly with affirmation you don't need that. You drill the aim into yourself thus overriding doubt.

So it seems best if we agree to disagree about what the video has to say.
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