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Originally Posted by Tirisilex
I posted at a Christian site that I have 2 Angels watching over me and they are telling me that Angels dont speak to people and that I'm conversing with Demons. I find that very hard to believe because these Angels have been teaching me to trust in God and to have faith in him. I dont see how that is demonic in any way.. I would understand if they were exalting themselves and looking for glory for themselves in some way. But these beings fruits do not show me any kind of evil deed at all. Christians man.. I'm trying to understand God better and they say it's an evil thing because Angels are helping?? I've been learning to be Christian and I find a lot of these Christians have bad attitudes.
The other day, while I was waiting in a waiting room to see my psychologist, I perused the reading material upon the table...newspapers...some women's magazines and a 'Watchtower' magazine.

On the front of the Watchtower magazine, there was a picture of Archangel Michael with the heading "Angels and the New Age", I decided to open it up and read what it had to say just out of curiosity.

My assumptions proved true, when it went on to say that there are only a few angels that are directed by God, himself and they don't really involve themselves in the affairs of humans and what people refer to as 'angels' are only 'demons in disguise' and to be vary wary and turn to Jesus instead of "false angels/demons"...I put the magazine down with a 'go figure'...pretty much.

So, having been in commune with the angel (fallen angel) Ashtaroth for some time...the jury is still out among Christians as to whether this entity is a 'demon' or an 'angel' according to which side of the 'Christian fence' one sits on...but being a Hindu, I wouldn't know about any of that!

Many Christians would be the first to say that I am possessed by a demon and I'm like "cooool". They seem to have a 'fear thing' I don't have. I don't really care though what others say in regards.
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