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I am actually Christian myself, but also open minded. The main problem I have with the bible or Christianity is how they perceive those who love each other of the same gender.

I personally feel such things should not be taken so literally as to be referenced as sin, but I feel individuals should realize how long ago these things were indeed written, and in those times yes- these things appeared sinful, in these days and times these things are normal. Love is normal. When the bible advocates hatred, I stop reading it.

In other words, I take its work (the book) with my own logic, and a grain of salt. With my own moral judgment.

I feel Tirisilex that you are capable of thinking for yourself, and determining for yourself if the guidance given you is helpful.

LibraIndigo I have experienced help like that from guidances, though not exactly as your experience but in relatively the same way. Meditating and being told to open my eyes and look, to see a shadow like figure within my room.

I would like to hold hope that not every spirit is a demon, and that benign things are out there.

Also I am on the other side of the spectrum as I know without a doubt demons exist and Christians are actually right in this sense, but still I hold to hope and faith that there are benign spirits.

And of course I worship and only worship God. But I would like to thin that yes my passed loved ones are able to contact me, and in fact they have, and were no demons.
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