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Hi Tirisilex,

I get pray to God only but you also communicate with angels... you don't actually pray to them. Lucky. I suppose we are all capable if we attune ourselves.

the most vivid visitation I ever had with what I think was a guide of a guardian angel was during a 15 minute break from work where I fell asleep.
this angel/guide forewarned me about the death of my dog and then told me I needed to go back to work or I was going to be late. Then said sorry about this, punched me in the stomach and I woke up exactly on time to go back to work gasping. I got the news about my dog the next day.
If he hadn't forwarned me I would probably have had a breakdown. I am also a Christian but an open minded one.
I told a Christian guy about it and he insisted it had to have been a demon and not an angel (despite them helping me). Because angels don't visit people right? only demons do! LOL!
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