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Oversoul Seven was an amazing journey into our reincarnational lives, and the first time I ever understood what Seth meant about there really is "no" past, present or future, it is all in the now (as in Oversoul 7) and how his reincarnational lives are all in "his" now, even though they are separated from each other (if I got that right) - and his explanations of future pasts and such at the time make perfect sense, and that was hard for me to understand, so it opened time up for me in a way I had never come across before. I know Jane wrote it, but it was amazing, and now I am thinking about going back and re-reading it again. It will probably make so much more sense now than it did even 6 months ago.

And a, me too, for changing so much in a year. It was a little over a year ago when I first picked up Seth Speaks, and my life took a turn that has changed my life so completely and so joyously that I am so glad I didn't miss it!!! I keep thinking, what wonderful things are coming next?

I'd really like to hear more about what your guides are telling you now, that would be so cool! I channeled Seth again this morning, and will post it later today when I get time.

I recently came across a simple concept that, for me, took so long to hear. You ask for help, and you allow. That I got, but some things still seemed out of reach. Last week I came across, you ask, then allow, but you can ask for HELP too! I never fully understood I could ask for help, and since I have tried it (about 5 times in the last 2 days) the HELP is instant in some cases, and when I need it to be in others (like a meeting later, etc). I just feel so blessed to have come across this finally...

Anyway, thanks for sharing and hope to hear more. I will check out the book you mentioned. Thanks.

Hugs and Light
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