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Enjoy your food

Through the busy lifestyles we create for ourselves we seldom stop to express gratitude for those things we take for granted. We fall into our programmed routines as if by autonomic nature and give little thought to the pure enjoyment of the process of now.
It is easy to forget why you are here in physical body, in this world of physical experience. It is easy to forget the little moments of joy and pleasure which are unique to human-be-ing. Those Self-nurturing moments in service to the physical body.

In light of the needs of the body we consume a variety of foods and liquids to nurture its growth and maintenance. Yet so often do we forget this in itself is a loving, intimate and sacred ceremony given to Self, in service to your divine desire to exist as you do. To give to your body more life that it may live again another day, to express your soul in yet another new way. May we stop for a moment to give thanks and reflection to those animals and plants who give of themselves so that you may continue your journey upon the Earth. May we stop in gratitude, before we consume what has been given, to give a little something back. A thought or a gesture in gift to the universe of which all are apart.

So it is, the next time you sit to eat, to drink that water or that glass of wine, give homage back to its source from whence it came. And no matter how busy your lifestyle, or how hungry your body may feel, take the time to enjoy every single sacred mouthful. Take the time to enjoy every smell, and every taste. Take the time to enjoy the very process to prepare, and every process to serve. Take the time to enjoy the fullness of the experience and the blessings it provides.

Enjoy your food.

~~~Spirit Guide Sparrow~~~
From the wisdom of my council to the wisdom of yours

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