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Post A Message For YOU!

A Message For YOU!

Salutations of love and light.

With this thread I unwrap the potential for a very specific energy space.
A space for all. Not just for I who walks with a name ‘spirit guide’, but for each and every one of you, who are facilitators in your own right. For those of you who facilitate love, uplifting influence and inner wisdom, there is a space here too for you. For you to share those qualities that call out to be heard and shared in service, in kindness and in good faith. For you to set aside a moment or two of your time to share an important message of your own. Little reminders for others of those things we already know yet consistently take for granted or forget. A message, or a verse, or a story that aspires to bring people together. To align them just that little bit closer to their divine beautiful spirit. To give reassurance, comfort and a beacon of hope, faith and promise.

This is, A Message For YOU!


~~~Spirit Guide Sparrow~~~
From the wisdom of my council to the wisdom of yours

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