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I answered neither, but I feel like I have to expand on why I did:

I have nearly always had strong panentheistic overtones in my belief system. It makes sense to me.

But I do not conceive of it as being a god in the normal sense of the term usually. I view it as an entirely impersonal force that imbues and transcends the world, and I don't think that humans can connect with it in any major way besides in the most basic or superficial way. Nor do I think that this energy/force/thingie cares about people in the slightest.

But I also believe that out of this force, all beings arise from, and some have a more stronger/closer connection to this thing, and such beings we usually recognize as gods. Beyond that - I don't really have much of to say, because everything else I think about the subject is long-winded, rather disjointed rantings

Good topic for discussion!
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