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When you look at the buddhas in Tibet who have achieved light body, they did it through means of medication and spiritual practice. Some gained what can be described a "super human abilities". This is done through spiritual advancement and no use of technology at all. Based on what I have learned as well as experienced since my own awakening, our ability to advance to higher densities (what some call dimensions) is a spiritual advancement. We don't need technology to achieve greater abilities, including abilities to use telepathy, astral travel, etc etc.

My own personal experience with having telepathic contact with higher density beings is that at least some of them are inter-dimensional, meaning that they can travel and communicate by use of mental abilities. They don't need space ships or technology to do it. I feel that the more advanced species, are more energetic, than physical. This is because as we become more spiritually advanced and enter into higher densities and raise our vibrations, we become less reliant on and attached to our own physicality and can more easily separate ourselves from it.
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