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Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
I use so many I made a list one time!
My/our Father
The One
The Only One
The Divine
My Father God
The Infinite Intelligence
The Cosmic Shape-shifter
The Mother Ship
The Source
Source Energy
The Creator
The All That Is
The Infinite One
The One Consciousness
"He" Who has no gender

And there are more depending on who I may be speaking to.
Yes, but how many of these expressions can you find in the Old Testament?

And when you look at the Old Testament in Hebrew, you do not find any of those words in English.

Somehow the Old Testament got altered. I suspect when the Hebrew was translated into Greek (Septuagint), the Greek did not have words for certain Hebrew words so instead of creating share words, the translators used words that were close, but not accurate in their translation. For example the transliterated word Elohim was translated as the Greek work for God or a god. Same applied to Yahweh which later became LORD in English. Also, the translators did not acknowledge the various variations of the Hebrew transliterated words we call Elohim and Yahweh which have slightly different pronouncement and meaning.

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